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for The Man With The Golden Gun

10/28/2014 c4 6DisneyDancer
This is adorable! Eeeee . I loved the bit where she runs to meet him as she gets out of prison. I also thought the characters were perfect, like they are on the show. Awesome :)
6/12/2014 c4 SnowyRosie
Really good plot, could work even as a normal episode! Good job :)
6/11/2014 c4 St
Excellent story! Enjoyed so many parts of it, especially the end when Steve told Catherine how priceless she is! Please write more!
6/10/2014 c4 Guest
Please carry on and write a chapter about the triathlon
6/9/2014 c4 8Lawsy89
This was great!
6/9/2014 c4 9LuckyStarPham
The reunion btw Steve and Cath was really beautiful written. I kept reading it three times last night (ah no, 3AM was this morning). Cant quote because if I quote, I will quote your whole chapter. Love it. And Steve was super thoughtful to think about bringing her clothes. And his reaction after seeing her cheek is priceless.

"I saw you were embarrassed, and you and Danny were right, it was stupid to flash about that amount of money just to spite the kid who had a crush I could relate too…" - The best reason ever. Thank you for writing such a fabulous fiction. Great to see another excellent writer!
6/9/2014 c3 LuckyStarPham
Totally love Danny/Cath's conversation. It shows how thoughtful Danny is, how concerned he is, how strong their bond is. Love that they mentioned Steve during their conversation.

I literally felt soooo relieved after reading this chap. Thank God, Five-0 solved the case and had enough evidence to prove Cath was innocent.
6/9/2014 c2 LuckyStarPham
Sorry for rambling. But I really need to write a long review huhu. Pardon me.

I love how Steve was overprotective of Catherine. Not only he tried his best for several times to get a chance to see her in prison, but he also shouted at/snapped his teammates when they said smt kinda wrong/improper. Poor Steve! So spot-on. It seems that I was not reading a fic but it's like I was really watching the show.

And thanks for letting Max and Fong into the case. The fact that two of them supported Five-0, supported Cath shows how strong their friendship was.

Poor Cath! She was beaten up :( Oh I hate the new head of HPD even more! If only Steve had a chance to "revenge" for Cath by beating him as hard as he beat Cath.

"It felt too large, too empty, and too cold without Catherine beside him."/"His eyes moved across to the alarm clock and saw it had only been three minutes since he had last looked." - Great description.

Oh if i continued to quote my favorite part, I would quote your whole fic lol, so it's better for me to stop. Just wanna say I love every single detail in this fic (y) Absolutely amazing!
6/9/2014 c1 LuckyStarPham
Wow such a great story. I must say it's perfect. I enjoyed it very much. And I have to say that I was up until around 3AM to finish reading your story. That fact speaks volume how I love your fic, right?

First of all, normally I dont like Danny and Kono, but I liked them both in this fic. Even love the way Danny winces abt everything lol. You make him sound less annoying than in the show. Love the interaction btw Steve-Danny-Cath and Cath and Kono, especially the way Kono teases Cath. So funny. And I adore your Steve who is constantly touching Catherine among the crowd.

I love the alert Steve and his concern "Who?" after hearing Kono's discovery.

"How old is he, eighteen?" Steve straightened, his arm moving almost possessively around Catherine's waist, tilting her towards him.
"Nineteen according to Hawaii's most eligible bachelors." Catherine laughed, laughter which turned into a giggling scold as he held her ever closer, "Steve, stop it!" She hissed, poking him in the side.
Glenn the governor's son narrowed his eyes as commander McGarret lifted his eyebrows almost in challenge, arm around Catherine, and promptly turned back to his giggling date.
- Oh god I love this. I always want to see more of Steve's jealousy side. Soooooo interesting to see/read or imagine. Just the thought of it actually makes me laugh.

"He is beginning to annoy me, keep throwing glances your way…" Steve muttered.
"Ignore him." Catherine rubbed his arm, "anyway I am the one who should be jealous, I have spotted at least thirty women in here who are undressing you with their eyes."
"No you haven't." Steve reprimanded her.
"I've counted thirty four now." She responded, looking pointedly at the young blushing waitress who grazed her hand against Steve's with staged carelessness as she took his empty champagne flute and replaced it with a filled once.
- Absolutely amazing. Steve needs some moments like this to prove he's a normal human being when it comes to his girlfriend, Catherine. H50 writers need to read it.

And I love the little competition btw Steve and Glenn during the bidding. There is smt abt it make me smile like an idiot!

"Hey… you look like you have lost a limb, what is wrong with you?" Danny returned to the group to see Steve casting his eyes around, trying to appear relaxed but struggling.
"The governor's wife keeps smiling at me…" Steve muttered, "And she keeps waving, and Cath's not here…"
"Ahhh I see… you are struggling with social interaction, can't say I'm surprised." Danny lifted his eyes, "and you have just admitted that you really can't live without Catherine, I am sure she will be thrilled…"
- The best scenery ever lol. It's really hilarious. I love Danny's line abt Steve can't live without Catherine. I love how you continue the show's line/detail and make your story funny yet realistic and adorable.

I am totally touched by Steve's reaction after seeing Cath being cuffed. SOoooo emotional and totally tensed up. Angry as well. He almost lost his control to see Cath getting arrested. Love that Grover was the one who physically forced Steve to calm down. Oh my god, this needs to happen on TV. It's amazing and perfect, right from the start. But you should use "Enter" to make lines on the latter half easier to read.

Thank you for writing such an incredible McRoll fic.
6/9/2014 c4 Guest
This was one great story! Really did enjoy it!
6/9/2014 c4 Kiwikaren
Another great story. Keep them coming.
6/9/2014 c4 allison
Great story and the team came through like i knew they would. Please more stories, you write them so well
6/9/2014 c4 26Leni-H50
This was amazing! I loved it!
6/9/2014 c1 maysaa.qasem.96
very amazing story
you have to write more cath/steve stories ... your awesome
6/9/2014 c4 CatherineHF0
Omg love it thank you so much

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