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7/4/2014 c1 Carito1988
Love it! Can't wait to read more mash stories from you!
6/18/2014 c1 VG
Looooove this! Always thought Mary's Ladies should talk to her about Bash vs. Francis and help her see who treats her better! Way to go, pointing out Mary kissed Bash first! It was great to see Mary Version 1.0 again in your fic. ;) That girl from the Pilot who didn't hesitate to call Francis a moody arrogant ass, and flirt with Bash. I missed her! And there's the Queen who stood up to Henry in episode 9... love how she tells off Francis here. Mary can be a strong Queen and JustAGirl with Bash. Rock on, Mash! And Mash on, Antiquee! Mash on. :)
6/15/2014 c1 6kqshipalot
Loved this!
6/12/2014 c1 8chrisrose
*sniffle*...Mary leaned into his kiss...just like she did during the mutual proposal scene in 1x12. Love it! Although I think it should've been Lola who "chastised" Mary instead of Greer, 'cause that's sooo Lola. Always chastising and stuff. ;) But Greer does tend to give people "disapproving looks". ;) Love Mary recognizing that her girlish romantic dreams are better fulfilled by Bash than Francis...yes! Damn, those Mash scenes we got pre-1x13 were so romantic my heart literally ached. Really like how you had Mary return to her pre-series/early-season-one/soccer-playing-mud-underfoot roots, rejecting her glamorous and burdensome royal get-up to go for a walk with Stirling... who naturally was glad to see his rescuer Bash again. ;) Seems like the mysteriously missing Stirling symbolizes Mary's lost innocence and down-to-earth qualities, or am I stretching? :P But I really don't think Stirling would approve of Mary's decisions these days! (Now I want a fanfic where Stirling bites Francis. ;)) Even better though is Mary's line in your fic, "But sometimes Francis what we expect can never live up to reality, I learned that when I came back to France and met you." Woo! You tell him, Mary! This is the ideal Mary, taking control of her life and truly making her own decisions, which, of course Francis doesn't even accept is her decision/idea at first. Typical Francis. Yup, your story is the perfect blend of canon and wish-fulfillment. Thanks for fixing the show for us...again!

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