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11/11/2014 c11 5171star
Really loving this story...
Feel so bad for Bella...
No one knows how bad she has it though...
She's got ALL the weight on her shoulders...
She's got her brothers death, her parents money problems, moving, friends worrying about her saying goodbye, grieving and heartbreak from a 'first love'...
So much on her plate...
11/10/2014 c3 71star
Edward is being an ASS!
And someone needs to beat Angela's ass too!
11/8/2014 c11 robinsonmr
Can't wait for the next chapter :)
11/7/2014 c11 bonz245
Very good chapter...thanks.
11/6/2014 c11 wal70
11/6/2014 c11 malleelee
Having been born when Truman was President, there are socially acceptable behaviors of today that are surprising and even shocking to me. Inviting a person of another sex to casually spend the night in your bed is one. I am not against it, but didn't do this, and my sons who are almost 40, didn't. My sister has children who did have coed sleep overs. Just a different way to know what your kids are doing. Your writing creates atmosphere, feelings, with out explicitly identifying that. Very nice.
11/4/2014 c11 Vanilla19
Thanks for writing, that was an awesome chapter.
11/6/2014 c11 lemonangeljuice
Thank you for the reminder that life is short. Enjoy it!
11/5/2014 c11 Holscad
I'm enjoying this so much...thank you :-)
11/5/2014 c11 CherieCherry
Loved this so much!
Bella and Edward are falling in love (again...)

Can't wait to read more!
Thank you! xx
11/5/2014 c10 CherieCherry
Oh, this brought me to tears... what happened to Ben was so, so sad. :’(

I loved Edward and Bella together. Loved this:
…E: “What’s the best thing that happened?”
…B: “You. On my bed. In the car. Just… you.”
…E: “You…”
“You kill me. With like, one sentence you’ve got me all…”

Great chapter! I love your writing.
Thank you! xx
11/5/2014 c9 CherieCherry
Just excellent chapter!
Loved this:
E: “I’m not sure I can handle going through this again, though.”
B: ... “Handle what?”
E: “Watching you leave again.”
(-ah, my heart hurts!)

...And this:
B: “I want this. I want you.”

- Loved that they could be honest to each other.
Thank you! xx
11/5/2014 c1 wal70
11/4/2014 c11 mommymac0508
Well I think that went good but will Bella be able to get out of her head she needs to be open with Edward but will he be open with her
11/4/2014 c11 modernsafari
This was feeling a little ominous at the end. I hope I'm wrong about that though because it just feels to good that they're happy right now. *dying for the next chapter*
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