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11/3/2014 c11 9xoxocullenluverxoxo
Oh my gosh! I missed this! Sucks that Bella was grounded for the party! I bet Jasper said something about paying for her tattoo or something insulting? Can't wait to figure out what Alice tells Bella. And how Rose and Emmett met and got along!
11/3/2014 c11 4christykq
Another great chapter. I can not even tell you how much I love this story. Its refreshing and different and I love the connection Bella and Edward have. All of the characters are wonderful, even the ones I want to hate. I can't wait to see what happens next.

Great chapter. Great story. Update quickly.
11/1/2014 c11 Guest
love every chapter! Jasper and Alice give me life in this. And I can't wait to see more em and rose too. Your background characters are too interesting!
11/3/2014 c11 6CCullen1978
Awesome chapter. Bella is so sweet in this story and I love Jazz! Edward...he is just, well, Edward! waiting with abated breath next chapter.
11/3/2014 c10 CCullen1978
I am crying...literally crying! I've been waiting for this chapter since the beginning. It all makes sense now somehow. Rose, seemed to have a fight before it happened. Bella and Edward, the connection they wonder he's pissed she just left. but can you blame her? I'm sorry I don't always review but please know I count the days as I wait for another chapter.
11/1/2014 c11 Guest
yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy an update finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

loved it!

love you!

11/3/2014 c11 bonnie62
Thank you for writing, great chapter
11/3/2014 c11 Oldenuf2knobeta
11/2/2014 c11 2fuzzyltlwingedthing
I don't know why but I'm getting the feeling something big is going to happen. I just hope it's big-good and not big-bad.
10/31/2014 c11 Guest
"He'd tell me that loving someone is heartbreak because no matter what, it ends. Everything ends. But he'd tell me it's worth it.

Or maybe that's what I would tell him if I could go back."

So true. I needed to hear that today. Great work, as usual.
10/31/2014 c11 Guest
Funny it loks like it seemed just right with Angela too.
11/2/2014 c11 anitabonita2413
I'm glad they are together now. Renee is so sweet. I hope Bella deals with her insecurities or at least talks to Edward about them.
10/31/2014 c11 Guest
Wow, after reading the last chapter and then this. Angela is a slut. A whore. She's vile, and utter sewage. To have sex with a taken guy, and a friend's crush...and it's so easy for Edward to say that he would wait forever, now that he has already had sex with Angela. How convenient. Seriously, let Bella boink another guy, someone Edward hates. Let's see if he really will wait forever for her.
10/31/2014 c9 Guest
Bella did not run away! She had to move. She lost her blood sibling, and they all have the gall to blame Bella for abandoning them?! Did they ever try to get in contact with her? At all?!

Edward and Angela excusing hooking up because time doesn't stay still; well to Bella time did stop. She lost her brother and has not been able to move on, not like the ungrateful bunch. I hope Bella does not loose her virginity to Edward, or if she does, I hope she cheats on him.
10/31/2014 c11 Guest
Such a visceral chapter. I felt like I was right there, listening to their conversations, feeling the lust and desire seeping out of them.
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