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5/5/2018 c2 3Spica75
BUffy's new name means little butterfly IIRC...
2/22/2018 c5 5IAmMurphy'sLaw
This story is pretty good so far, but I have two comments. One; your tenses keep getting mixed up and some of your sentences need a little bit better structuring. Two; I highly suggest using some kind of indicator that you're transitioning to a new scene. There have been so many times I've gotten confused because you'll end a scene in the middle of a conversation and start the next scene with a different conversation without any indication that the scene has changed. It tends to violently pull someone from the story as they try to figure out what's going on.
Also, try not to accelerate the kids learning too much. It takes away the fun of the story if they become stupidly strong too fast and don't have to struggle to beat anyone.
1/19/2018 c1 celf
was looking at this and the copy on tth.
it look like this is missing part of the story.
from what i can tell part of Chapter 11 on tth is on ffn at the end of chapter 10.
and then the rest of Chapter 11 (listed as chapter 12 on tth) is missing so is tth chapter listed as 13 and 14. and TTH chapter 15 is this story's chapter 11 (listed as 13 on FFN) my guess over 20.000 words are missing pm FFN.
9/24/2017 c12 erik
An entertaining story.
12/25/2015 c12 Ooglymoogly
I hope to see a update soon. I just put in my poll vote. Happy holidays!
6/25/2015 c12 6The Queen of Confusion
Great story! Hope to see more soon!

5/23/2015 c1 Amanda
I love your story so far, it's a shame you only have 19 reviews. But you do have 35 favs, and 45 fallows, how does that work?
5/20/2015 c12 MartinDeShade
You do know you are writing in English right? A few place names being untranslated is fine, but this is too much.
3/2/2015 c11 Amanda
... ... ... ... I was so happy to see an update, then I realized you are now to the same point that your other account is at. So does this mean you are getting ready to update your account on ?
3/1/2015 c11 6A.Himawari
So much going on in this chapter. Stuff that stood out though:
-Yeah! Shisui therapy! Kocho really needed that. TenTen was an unfortunate accident , accident being the key word.
-Badger moles! asdfghhkl! Haven't seen it in a Naruto fic and its pure genius especially for blind Shisui/Kyūka.
-Kocho's new team... I'm just happy Haku is gonna be around.
-The castle! Ahhhh, XD Authors who mention it seem to always kill off the summoning contract, glad that was preserved.

Improvements to consider:
-The scene breaks. As I was reading I got a bit confused. One minute I'm reading about Kocho and the Next, Narutos POV. Please bring back lines breaks, it would be easier to read that way

Other than that, I really loved this chapter (mostly bcause of Shisui). I can't wait for the next chapter
1/25/2015 c9 Xanaris
Minor nitpick, but the First Hokage's name is Senju Hashirama not Harashima.
1/25/2015 c10 A.Himawari
I was kind of hoping, like a tiny part of me truly wished that TenTen wouldn't be dead. Well snap, I suppose in a way, her death emphasizes the hard reality of that not all changes are good.

I'm kinda wracking my brains over the synbolic meaning of Kocho's dream/vision thingy. The black dragon, is one I just can't figure out. On the real though, i thought the black roots from the tree could represent Black Zetsu. He/it does like to meddle and is in a symbiotic relationship with White Zetsu who is plant like... But that's just me. Root and Danzo works too.

Can't wait for the next part of this chapter!
1/25/2015 c10 MartinDeShade
Can you put a bit more dialog in your story? And maybe translating some of the Japanese. Simple things like Konoha I can probably remember but the rest are just gibberish to me. Especially since the translations are often shorter and easier to remember. Fire Country, Mist Country, Tea Country, etc are easy to remember.
8/18/2014 c7 FanaticFanGirl
This chapter put a lot of twist in things.
Looking forward for more :D
8/6/2014 c6 FanaticFanGirl
Interesting relationship between Kakashi and Zabuza.
Kind of expecting Zabuza and Haku to follow them back to Konoha. lol
But oh well! Looking forward to the next update! Since its so close to the exams!
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