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for they love it more when it is broken

12/18/2023 c5 Ascart Alvarez
this is sooooo good. thank you for sharing this masterpiece.
5/6/2021 c1 Amaure
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10/11/2020 c2 Zhannell
This chapter really made me cry like a little bitch. Its actually more realistic that they wouldn’t end up with each other but be with Eva and Louis instead.
The part where Chuck repeated what he said to her when he gave her the necklace ruined me.
It’s a bittersweet thought, considering the fact that most people who get married don’t actually end up with the person they truly love
12/23/2017 c5 2Almaloney33
So I've read this quite a few times. Okay, okay, I've read chapter 5 quite a few times ;) But today I took the time (and a deep breath) to read the first four chapters, and I really want to applaud you. Some of those scenarios (any, really, where they don't end up together) are painful to consider, let alone write. But you managed to do it thoughtfully and beautifully. You have a really lovely writing style and capture the characters really well. The Louis/Eva chapter was possibly the most heartbreaking because it was the only one where I couldn't imagine them finding a way back to each other but they were all wonderfully written. So much so that I fear I'll have trouble forgetting some of them (the same way I struggle to forget most of season 5).
Anyway, well done. And I'm glad you posted all five chapters in spite of your fears.
10/30/2015 c5 11songbirdgirl
I love the way you did the four and one. I was looking for a quick Chair fic and this ended up being exactly what I was looking for. Great job!
1/18/2015 c5 GG Obssessed
I loved all chapters: I even teared up at one point! A great fic xx
1/6/2015 c5 xoxo
8/22/2014 c5 99BeWhoYouAre99
i love you for this last chapter only.

the rest were well written and too painful.
8/22/2014 c1 BeWhoYouAre99
love it
7/15/2014 c5 17gracelessheartlines
every chapter was destructive and gorgeous; it was like having my heart ripped out four times over and finally getting it back by the last piece.
i lovelovelove: how you wove canon into different scenarios and outcomes, and it was done so fluidly and naturally.
i especially enjoyed the throwback to season 1/season 2 in chapter 5, since i was almost convinced C/B would happen after the meeting at the empire state building, but the reworking of the whole tuscany fiasco was a nice surprise.
the repetition of the harry winston engagement ring
children! charlie and elizabeth blair bass and seema and audrey and henry and all of them were just adorable.
7/6/2014 c5 flipped
what a beautiful compilation. they were bittersweet and heartbreaking, but definitely 'forgiven'/made up because of this last one. hope you'll write more stories.
7/6/2014 c1 flipped
wow.. just wow. /3
6/13/2014 c4 Guest
6/13/2014 c1 Guest
i cried. this is amazing!
6/13/2014 c2 Joy
Ok I'm trying to keep an open mind and I thought this one worked well. I'm not a fan of either pairing but having Blair not come back to New York after season 3 for years and years certainly made their separation and marriages to other people more realistic and also living in separate countries. I liked that you included Chuck's apology and that Blair's son and Chuck's daughter ended up together and they used CB's ring but it was very sad :(
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