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for they love it more when it is broken

6/13/2014 c5 120blairswaldorfs
First of all, I love love love this idea! I'm going to start off with chapter five, because it's the last and thus the most recent.

I love Chuck and Blair, but that doesn't mean that in the show they weren't portrayed in a really horrible and negative light, mainly towards the end tbh but also in the start and what you've done here is basically turn all the problems they had and make it into a positive. I really, really, really love it. I'm gonna admit I enjoyed the start of it more than the end, but I think that's based more on the fact that I'll never actually be able to picture them as actual adults. Nothing of it ever bored me though? Tbh really surprised. Really loved the end where you explained how all their significant others throughout the story never made it into a romantic position (once, or once again) through their life.

Okay, gonna do chapter four now and go backwards! It broke my heart because Seema deserved so much better than what Dan offered to her. But I did find Chuck's comment about having a mother being enough really insightful, because I feel in a way that's true but it has to hurt when you could have someone who's supposed to be your father there but never actually there. I really enjoyed the interactions between Blair and Chuck (and Seema!) in this one and found myself actually wanting more of that particular chapter. Until the end. I think what Chuck did (and said) was totally in character and I think that's what hurt the most you know? Like, yeah he's probably not going to be all that happy with Serena in the long run, Blair's not happy with Dan but ? he's not willing to risk anything. It sucked.

Chapter three! Yay, okay. I enjoyed this! It was raw, and it was hurtful. Which had nothing to do with the abortion, and I'm glad it existed in this fic. One, abortion is never mentioned enough or shown enough and even while you did it in really heavy circumstances, it could of very easily of been done in a light circumstance and been shown as fine (which I would of preferred, because it still shows abortion attached to a negative thing but it totally fit with the story and it didn't come off as bad). What hurt the most was how unhappy Blair was tbh. Like no, why. It was totally CB though! Totally wonderful.

Chapter two was probably one of my favourites and I could of very easily enjoyed this to be canon! Eva and Chuck! Because I really totally enjoyed them together and wished they did have more screen time to develop and Louis wasn't all that bad, boring but Blair did seem happy with him. It was really lovely because they were able to be friends and I don't know, but it's really nice to think about them not ending up together but still being there for each other. (maybe not that much physically and they don't talk often, but there's the comfort of knowing the other will be there for them). Also both of them seemed really happy! Yeah, so I really loved it and found it bittersweet. It was quite charming, actually.

I actually really enjoy aspects of Chuck and Vanessa! I felt really sorry for Vanessa, because wtf Chuck like you're married? It's good that he was there for Blair, though and I really enjoyed it all! Nate tho wtf it's EXACTLY in character to what would of happened if they ended up together and it stings wow my NB shipper heart is broken. It was really heartbreaking, but really also very lovely!

I also loved how you wove in lines from the show into these, and made it fit so perfectly. Like no, um, teach me how to write, please! I envy your skill so much. Your characters are on point. Your writing is on point. Your storytelling and ideas are on point.
6/12/2014 c1 Lena
Other than the "But it saying all that I really love your writing and I will continue to read and support your story :)" I agree with Joy.

Your writing is good. You have talent, butt this story/chapter makes no sense when it comes to Chuck and Blair.

Unfortunately this story is way beyond AU for me to continue reading. It's to unrealistic and unbelievable.

Sorry. Maybe your next writing project will be more appealing.
6/12/2014 c1 10scarlett2u
Oh, my heart is breaking. Please take that as the compliment it is. *excuses self to wipe tears*
You did a beautiful job with this chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one as well.
It only hurts that much more that you wove canon dialogue in so seamlessly. Ugh, it hurts!
6/12/2014 c1 Joy
I liked that it was from Blair's POV because I would have hated to hear Chuck's thoughts on Vanessa! I understand what you are doing with your story but as your own writing showed in this first chapter Chuck and Blair are always so connected even when with other people. They would never be happy with anyone else for a lengthly period of time because of that connection so I do think Chuck would have chased Blair to France and brought her home.

I think your idea is good and I actually liked reading them try to move on with others but not finishing each chapter together isn't who Chuck and Blair are. I love angst, that is part of the appeal of CB but there has to be a pay off for all the angst. It would be ok if the whole story was about NB and CV and then the final chapter CB get together but making 4 individual stories of them not together with 4 different people and only 1 of them together doesn't seem like it would be good to read as a fan of CB. But it saying all that I really love your writing and I will continue to read and support your story :)
6/12/2014 c1 Cascia
Amo a Blair y Chuck juntos... adoro como aún estando separados, su amor sólo se hace mas grande!

Update soon, please
6/12/2014 c1 Ihateit
I hate it.
Of course it is written very well but I still hate it.
BUT I would love it if in the end Chuck would leave Vanessa, just one sentence and it would be beautiful.
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