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for Death Scythe of Zero

6/12/2014 c1 madcat3200
well, this will definitely be interesting i look forward to the next chapter
6/12/2014 c1 3Dyton
A Death Scythe listening to the petty demands of a pompous arrogant little brat... well I find that hard to believe. I mean you work for Death and making Louise mad and getting by should be a walk in the park by comparison. I do hope that in the not to distant future Saito will put Louise in her place and not bend over backwards for her. This is the problem with strong summoning Saitos, you can't make him in overpowered and yet have the same personality of the pathetic canon Saito it just doesn't work. I mean literally you said he has slept in worse places that mean he can live in poorer conditions and make it through, yet he feel the need to not leave Louise because to new world may be a little too hard to live in. (Bull) And for the love of everything please don't let Saito and Louise to be together. Literally anyone else would do a far better job. Other than that nice chapter I liked the little backstory of Saito in the beginning. I also like the attention to detail you have put into this. Keep up the good work
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