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for What Happen To Niju?

7/26/2018 c3 Frost
More please
6/23/2014 c3 5Noblewriter
Keep the good work up!
6/23/2014 c3 1FoxOfLight77
It seems even Nava has a spirit guide. Wonder what Nava has in mind for Niju? Great Chapter Today
6/17/2014 c2 5Noblewriter
Great chapter two. Can't wait to see who the voice is.
6/17/2014 c2 1FoxOfLight77
It seems Niju's plan backfired horribly. Wonder who that voice was?
6/16/2014 c1 FoxOfLight77
Great Story so far. Wonder why Niju behaves like he does in the movie? I guess I'll learn later in the story.
6/13/2014 c1 5Noblewriter
Very well done. Probably exactly how it would have played out. Can't wait for more.

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