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10/16/2014 c13 4creekycoffee
I really loved the story it was simpel and very well wtiten. i wish more people would pair Tweek with someone besides craig, it just get a little boreing that the fics that have tweek in them end up with him being with craig. thats why i liked that you focused on tweek and clyde's relationship insted of doing a love trangle between clyde and craig; that shit has been way overdone.
8/5/2014 c13 MidnightLuve
i feel like u left out some stuff dont get me wrong i love this fan fanfiction but it is missing the small things lik where was token and craig in all this and what about clydes dad was he not worried for his son at all im just saying i kinda was just wondering
8/5/2014 c11 MidnightLuve
lol the name of this chapter made me think of lady gaga song alejandro when she says roberto XD
8/5/2014 c10 MidnightLuve
suprize white shower lmao XD
8/5/2014 c7 MidnightLuve
yeah u are whipping these guys up good XD
8/5/2014 c6 MidnightLuve
kenny gave up that quick so i dont think he has a chance even if tweek still loved him
8/5/2014 c5 MidnightLuve
wow i never though about tweek taking pills like that like they want him gone thats really fucked up in a way but i love how u see him 3
8/5/2014 c3 MidnightLuve
go clyde fuck craig he dont know what he is missing out on :D
7/29/2014 c13 Guest
What about token n craig?
7/22/2014 c13 Tribal Moon Ma'iingan
Who doesn't love a good happy ending? Thanks for such a cute, sweet story. It was fantastic!
7/22/2014 c13 21fallingwthstyle
That was a perfect ending. Thanks for this story :)
7/21/2014 c13 24Romanticly tragic perfection
Cute and so sweet. I liked it. I'm a little sad to see this story end but I'm satisfied. A beautiful love story.
7/21/2014 c13 serendipityrain711
YAY for happy endings! I admit when I first started reading this I didnt think it could work because i only saw Tweek with Craig and no one else. But you changed my mind and wrote a absolutely wonderful Twyde story about Clyde and Tweek beating the odds and falling in love.
7/18/2014 c12 it's me
It's me Romantically tragic perfection. Sorry the last review was for the chapter before this one. This one was really good and I've developed a love of ice skating because of this couple. Clyde and Tweek are perfect. I'm glad they're going on dates and not just staying home all the time. I hope Tweek does move in with him. It would be nice. I'm glad they adjusted Tweek medicine. The sex scene was sweet. That's the key to a successful relationship. Love, understanding, and hot, intense sex, LOL. Glad Tweek said he loves Clyde back or else things would have been a little awkward.
7/18/2014 c12 Romanticly tragic perfection
Nice, Clyde is finding out more about Tweek's mental illness. Can't believe Tweek still thinks of Kenny as his boyfriend! Next chapter Jealous Clyde, LOL. Tweek's mother needs someone to punch her in the head...or the face! What Mr. Tweek did was wrong. That's not a strict father that's a sick, twisted pervert. Update soon. This story is just perfect.
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