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12/16/2021 c4 ea cable ports
how is meditite so stupid isnt zorua a dark type my god, anyways great story bullying is bad keep makin more
3/21/2019 c5 sebastian
What happens next I need to know.
7/7/2018 c5 Guest
You continue? Sorry im here in brasilian my inglish is bad
2/4/2018 c1 1Sola the Spirit
Guest stfu u respectless bastard
4/24/2017 c1 ponypornee
this piece is giving me aids you talentless shitbag. give up writing before I give you a death hex as I am a very old...very powerful with from the Babylonian era. death will follow you everywhere you go and you may never feel the sweet release of slipping of the morta
12/29/2016 c5 kingming417
Best story ever! While waiting for next chapter!
8/25/2016 c5 1redragongamer
Amazing! I wish there were more of this! Now excuse me as I hibernate until the next chapter...
3/4/2016 c1 40batiluca27
el se lo merece
9/13/2015 c5 Guest
Are you continuing this story,I hope so
1/9/2015 c5 dunstann
your not going to let him evolve? don't think i like that.
1/9/2015 c5 Phatom1125
Thanks for the chapter next time let focus on the relationship of zoroark and Damian please update soon.
1/3/2015 c4 Phatom1125
Happy new year now where is my new chapter for this story please update soon
11/21/2014 c4 K.H
Hey, I think you should continue this fanatic I quite like it. I have read all you have posted for deceitful (I think that is how you spell it...) and I know it would be a hasel trying to do more to this but I think it would turn into a great story. P.S. I really like your themes I think they all have a great bass to email just by releasing the describes. I say you should get more views and readers to these. :D Well thanks for reading this review
9/13/2014 c4 phatom1125
wow new friends and a rival what a great chapter i wonder what lucario and zoroack do but i hope lucario can help damian protect himself like always please update soon!
9/12/2014 c4 5SuicuneSwag
Another great chapter! I cant wait for more!
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