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12/28/2021 c15 25denebtenoh
I always like Annas and Elsas interactions. But having them experimenting too... thank you for this!
12/28/2021 c14 denebtenoh
this is awesome! to see Elsas powers in a scientific way its just... it blows my mind!
10/29/2019 c78 Sitara
Hello. I have been a huge fan of this story for years. I wonder if it will ever be finished. I'd really really love to know what you planned to happen, of course, but either way, thank you for the wonderful story and the incredible thought you put into this. It's one of the best things I've ever read on this website. I hope you're well and thanks again!
2/18/2019 c68 CosmoPal
You really are taking quite the creative freedom with how programmable Elsa's ice is :p
2/18/2019 c67 CosmoPal
College started so I really didn't get time to read up, that's why this long gap after my previous review. I don't know if you're still here :p If you are, here's my review;:

As before you are quite creative with what can be done given the possibilities. The explosion suppression seems like a very wonderful idea. On the border posts, the region in which suppression is applied can be as large as the maximum range of a gun.

One thing though - When you are going to light a candle, you use a match. The lighting of a match is also an explosion. Similarly, you would use something or the other to light a fire, that will be treated as explosive by the suppression magic. Basically, you can't start a fire in a suppressed region. So this would be a huge problem right? The only way to light a fire in a suppressed area would be to go out of the magic region, light a fire, and then carry back. Winters, windy days/nights will cause huge problems for Arendelle's own staff right?

Oh and, as before, you have also creatively managed the characters, loved the read.
12/25/2018 c78 Tehb'Ineh
Maybe I'll curse you again for igniting a chain of thoughts, maybe not, but either way Happy Holidays.
3/6/2018 c78 Noter
Now I'm curious; Could Elsa give a creation of hers the ability to use ice magic completely on it's own, just in case she loses her own again? So even if she doesn't know about a particular application of her ability, the immortal golem could learn about it long into the future? Suppose she created her own Court Mage, a humanoid golem specifically tasked with studying magic and able to perform the experiments as Elsa's replacement, freeing up the Queen's time. If Elsa deliberately gave a creation of hers the ability to wield magic on it's own as opposed to a simulacrum of what she knows she can do, would that creation be able to maintain itself even if Elsa tried to take back the magic that held it together, not that she ever would? This being would be immortal and may even have the potential to learn other forms of magic independent of Elsa. Elsa wouldn't even have to worry about the being going rogue because she could create it with the intent to be compassionate of all life and a desire to primarily study magic... I'm going have to write my own 'fic about this now, but please let me know what you think.
Also, will events in Corona eventually lead to Happily Ever After, where Rapunzel regains her magical hair?
11/28/2017 c78 Guest
Hey! I love your story! Can't wait for the next chapter!
11/24/2017 c32 Trapdere
I'm really loving how much care went into the background research of this fic rn. Makes the whole story feel real, especially with the physics protion that don't just throw reason to the wind in explainations except in times where "it's magic" was treated as a unsatisfactory answer, in universe too. The "inter reflction" problem and subsequent dismission got to me the most lol. Been doing that a lot a few years back myself.
11/23/2017 c18 Trapdere
I take that back. I misread the paragraph :p You said that too.
11/23/2017 c18 Trapdere
Wait wait wait! For a hollow shell to float, the thickness is NOT fixed. It is proportional to the radius of the ball, if density of the shell and atmospheric density is fixed.
11/23/2017 c9 Trapdere
The improbable deduction from an act that can very well be just a reward for saving a princess, such wow.
11/24/2017 c41 1Trapdere
If only the benefits outweigh being poor BEFORE lamps being handed out...oh wait, they do. Once you get a lamp, it's probably some free income to mitigate the poor factor, you get a priceless AND practical artifact. I mean, this isn't just economy backlash you're going to worry about. This is basic equality shit that will get the population angry. It's not even just given out to a few people with personal connection to the crown, but thousands, which is enough to let the others feel like being discriminated against.
11/24/2017 c39 Trapdere
Correct me if i'm wrong, but I thought etching glass you'd use base?
11/24/2017 c38 Trapdere
Let's just have the Morris' move to Arendelle! Good time to head hunt them!
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