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1/7 c42 Babypython
God talk about bad timing that is messed up
7/10/2021 c19 1FireRose.77
I'd saved this story to my favorites a long while back, but it's only now I'm reading it... AND I LIKE IT! A LOT!
Though having them , EdwardBella, separated like this, and her current nature being part of the reason they're apart... is making the anguish (why is the current word for it, 'angst?) levels take me back to when I was reading New Moon...

My money is on Mara being the "baddie," unless you take after Agatha Christie and my gut is way off...

Are they setting a trap? Cause they cannot be so naive to be practically telling them all they know... Yes, usually their meetings are at First Beach but given they know who their target is, they HAVE to know that spilling their guts at the edge of the water where they can be heard is just plain dumb... UNLESS it is a trap (?)

Good thing that I wasn't reading this when you were updating... I'd have gone mad then... waiting for the new chapter to be posted...

I think I read one of your author's notes where you mention London (?) I'm guessing you're from that gorgeous land, island, to be more accurate... I'd love to go there, bucket list and all that jazz...

PS. I've noticed, especially in this chapter, an error that a lot of native speakers seem to repeat, swapping "YOUR" for "YOU'RE," the former should indicate property instead of the latter. Just fyi... as a non-native speaker, sorry, really sorry, I don't mean to be mean or annoying, or worse... but those kinds of errors just grate on my nerves... and they kind of detract from the enjoyment while reading. Sorry! If you could have someone trustworthy go over any of those if you're able... it'd be awesome!
6/27/2021 c12 eastwest
So sad. How will this work out? Can’t help but think Randall will figure in the solution somehow.
6/18/2021 c40 Guest
Will Gio find his daughter?
6/17/2021 c27 Guest
Will Embry help rescue Bella? Why does Paul hate Bella?
6/16/2021 c1 Guest
It’s been such a pleasure to read your you so much for writing and sharing it. I really love the emotion in it and I find it really inspiring. You know the moment a story is so good you have to stop reading and skip down the hall and back? Or just a squiggle break? Anyways, Best wishes, Kya :)
4/29/2021 c36 raphaeltayag19
Can't they move out of Forks?
3/21/2021 c67 4readwritemm
Wow, this is such a great story! I don’t normally read Edward/Bella fics, but I really liked their relationship in this one. I also thought the mermaid lore was SOO interesting! Thanks so much for writing and I hope you’re doing well :)
1/11/2021 c67 1Miss Sassy girl
the best fanfic on mermaid Bella I had ever read
11/11/2020 c67 dellouxx
Wow... what a story What a gift
Thank you
9/14/2020 c48 Guest
So cute.
9/14/2020 c1 Guest
This reminds of the 2014 tv show Sirens
9/8/2020 c67 2DreaminOfLove22
I loved this story. Couldn't put it down!
9/1/2020 c1 18maembe13
This was so fun! I've always had a love for mermaids and I did a little happy dance when I came across this story. I loved how you combined both the positive and negative mermaid legends to create such nuanced, complicated, lovable, and despicable creatures. You made such a rich mythological world with the wolves, vamps, and mermaids. the parallels and differences from the vampires were fascinating to consider. You showed how both species could be good or bad or a little mix of both. I enjoyed both the characters you created and your interpretation on the original characters. I also appreciated your use of the Pirates 4 mermaids...and was that bathtub scene and glass-breaking Splash references?Finally, you managed to make a unique plot that didnt follow the traditional little mermaid tale but worked with modern day and still maintained the sense of "magic" of the twilight world. not an easy accomplishment! thank you for sharing your creativity and putting in the overwhelming amount of work this story required.
8/3/2020 c65 Guest
poor Edward.. he always puts Bella first.. but shj always puts him last.
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