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3/16/2019 c35 5Fractoluminescence
Whoa I really like how in the end it was just one story, even though it seemed like two at once... Nice with that little bit at the end...
You're great at writing fights, at least better than lots of people are.

I really liked this story. Thank you for writing it! :D
3/16/2019 c34 Fractoluminescence
3/16/2019 c33 Fractoluminescence
HAHAHAHAH How DARE you even create a poll that nobody can truly win!? X'D
3/15/2019 c32 Fractoluminescence
No Riku she 'didn't' get away... Damn you, RoR, why do your have to make things so cleverly WORSE for the reader with that remark...? T_T
3/15/2019 c31 Fractoluminescence
I did NOT see that coming. And the 'you guys are going to hate me after this' did NOT warn me. Ugh.
3/14/2019 c30 Fractoluminescence
BTW, I really like the idea of the 'reishi-made false Zanpakutou' thing

Hahah yes his inner world's gravity is awesomely weird X'D

Hah could only expect Ikkaku and Zangetsu to get along! It's so like them ;

Huh. Never wondered. I wanted a one-word pen name if possible
3/12/2019 c29 Fractoluminescence
What the heck has Kisuke been doing again?! X'D

Hahah he's not much better than Mayuri with his spying bacteria, is he? X'D
3/11/2019 c28 Fractoluminescence
Yaaayy they're whole again :D

I do believe you're the first one of whom I've read a fic to dare consider Ichigo a Hollow. Had been waiting for it for a long time though, so I can only thank you for it

The way you wrote the scene is perfect, don't worry
3/10/2019 c27 Fractoluminescence
Ohhh I really like what going on here... :O
3/10/2019 c25 Fractoluminescence
Ohhhh I like where the plot is going...

HAHAHAH Heh who would have thought clowns were the ones NOT to give high-fives X'D
3/10/2019 c24 Fractoluminescence
Oh. Indeed, now that I think about it, when a hollow evolves it becomes less and less mind-less. Maybe evolving made Shiro soften as well?

I love this chapter. Is so stuffed with emotions...
Mika's awesome too. I really like how attentionate and uncaring she is about conventions

Actually, it's interesting to know that Shiro gets protective on his own, without needing Ichigo around. I wonder how Ichigo's gonna react to this story?
3/10/2019 c23 Fractoluminescence
I do WONDER just WHICH trip had gone WRONG *wink at Aizen's ghost*
3/10/2019 c22 Fractoluminescence
OMG so the guy WAS a Kuchiki! I was wondering so, but told myself I might be jumping to conclusions too quickly! :O

Hmm... A power that drains people of thri energy maybe?...

Hollow bait... I'd be ready to bet that it actually attracts Shiro as well
3/9/2019 c21 Fractoluminescence
"it seems as if the site you were telling me about has been accessed" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH X'D


Dammit I love this scene, it's awesome! I love how it should be dramatic but is the total opposite X'D

I love also how, even now, they discuss how's gonna read; it makes it sound so much more realistic, or like a pyjama party or something

HAHAHAHAH UryĆ» blaming the escapee on the Soul Reapers X'D
3/9/2019 c20 Fractoluminescence
'covered up by a smirk his smirk' contains a repetition I think

I was wondering how he would do it, but this is perfect. And so like him too, to just attack and comment harshly :O
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