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for Symphony of Our Souls

7/29/2015 c7 1nekonekokitty-sama
I just want to say that i am thrilled to read what happens next so if you are discontinuing ths story i need to know. i hope you don't because it is very well written and i would love to have your opinion on some fanfictions that i am writing if it is okay with you.
10/25/2014 c1 6Prepare Yo Diddly Hole
I really enjoy this story and hope you update soon! Keep up the good work, bruh.
9/20/2014 c6 Sophia Elizabeth
Okay, I'm just wondering: are you continuing this but its just taking you a while, or did you give up on it? I know its only been 2 months since you last updated, but people are always just giving up on projects at cliffhangers and it always makes me kind of angry.0
Since it hasn't been too long, I'm just going to assume this is continuing and maybe check it every month or so.

On another note, this is a really good story, and you have amazing grammar, which most people don't. I don't even know how peoples' minds can be creative enough to write something amazing like this. I've only read a fanfiction about Karkat being kidnapped once, but that time it was a really creepy fanfic that made me shit my pants...
I love how you changed GHB's name to Gaston so it doesn't sound weird as all hell.

Anyway, I think I made my point across; this is a really great fanfiction, one of the best I've read, to be exact, and that's really saying something, seeing as I read fanfiction more than I eat food.

\(v) Good luck on your fanfics
7/12/2014 c5 5TheDyingStory
dis is gettin good
7/11/2014 c3 TheDyingStory
man, do i love this story

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