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for A Party to Boston

7/21 c4 Kkta07
kinda upset this is where the story ended. Its really good. The cross overa between these 2 worlds are so great!
5/23/2019 c4 Guest
Please update this story soon.
1/7/2019 c4 Guest
Please write more of this story soon.
8/13/2018 c4 vic-tic
I need you to finish this story big time! Love it!
1/25/2016 c3 2jasmine.allgeyer
I wish you would add more
1/9/2016 c4 15102000QP
Funny and intresting story please update soon
12/5/2015 c4 penny.robinette.90
I Love it. Please update sooooooooon.
6/16/2015 c4 Guest
Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase, im begging you, update this fic and that other who is also a CM/Rizzoliand Isles xover. I know its been a while but im sure we would love the updates
4/26/2015 c4 smurfgirlx
please update :)
4/16/2015 c1 4jjemilyalexkate201516
Please write more chapters good writing
3/15/2015 c4 Tigerlionwolf
Oh my god this is brilliant I have just found this and I am hooked straight away, please update this I really want to read more :)
1/29/2015 c4 Madbadger
Totally loved this story really hope your wirte more its fab.
12/27/2014 c4 2jasmine.allgeyer
I hope they get there girls
12/21/2014 c4 LoloG
Please finish this story it is amazing so far I have been looking for a really good crossover story between these two shows and i finally found it but it is not finished yet):
11/22/2014 c4 Eve2faces

I agree with the reviewer MsZachrisson below. I know Emily and Maura were together, but that was almost 20 years ago and within an hour of seeing each other they are making out...probably more! Maura left Emily and became engaged to Garrett and they haven't even spoken since then. Did Maura do that as a big F/U to Jane? Sure, Jane could have handled herself better, but Maura immediately forgot about Jane as soon as Emily walked in I understand she was shocked to see that Emily was still alive and perhaps she felt guilty with how she unceremoniously broke up with Emily to become engaged to Garrett. Which leads me to this question, "if Emily and Maura were in a relationship for four years, but Maura broke up with Emily to become engaged to Garrett, was Maura dating Emily and Garrett at the same time? It doesn't make sense that Maura would become engaged to him without dating him. Like some of the other reviews, when Maura was comparing Jane to Emily and visa versa what was that about? Since Emily was Maura's first love, is Jane merely a substitute? And, now that Emily is alive, will Maura forget about Jane? Both she and Emily tell each other while Maura is flushing Emily's eyes that they are both in love with other people, yet they jump each other's bones the first chance they get?!

Emily is no better. She went with Maura to spite Jane?! I'm sure Emily could sense Jane's feelings towards Maura and she intentionality made a move on Maura...someone who wrote her off all those years ago and never looked back?! Obviously, Maura didn't marry Garrett yet she still didn't reach out to her...not even to apologize, albeit a but late. Furthermore, Emily didn't even take JJ's feelings into consideration. She didn't notice how hurt JJ was when she accepted Maura's invitation to stay with her rather than with JJ at the hotel? If everyone else noticed, it's hard to believe Emily...or even Maura didn't see. I guess they were too anxious to "get to bed".

I know you said there would be some angst and the way Maura and Emily are treating Jane and JJ is hard to read. Maura always seems to be portrayed as this sex craved person who is looking for her next sexual release. If she loves Jane do much, why would she want to "throw Emily and hers sexual liaison" in Jane's face? I agree with some of the other reviews that, perhaps, Jane and JJ should get cozy...let Maura and Emily see how it feels.

Please update soon!
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