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17h c40 4Haemophilus Leona
It says something that he still thinks of them as a coven. They’re a family too, but I think he sees them as Alice’s family, and he’s the in-law.

I like how you put the part in Jasper’s struggle to get to “his prey” and as he comes back to himself more, tries to remember the teacher’s name. Like how Alice tells him to think of them as people, and reminds him that they have other loved ones and relationships.

“The drudgery of killing and killing and killing…” oh, poor Jasper.

Hmm, yeah maybe the ER wasn’t the best place for a blood-thirsty and thwarted vampire to wait? Construction guy’s lucky he made it inside!

When someone is wallowing, and insists on blaming themselves, rational arguments won’t do any good. Carlisle can’t just tell Jasper it wasn’t his fault. That won’t convince him and would do more harm than good. So he redirects.

Oh, ouch, good thing he didn’t *say that about Carlisle being elbows deep in blood, but when comparing it to his own failures, Carlisle’s success only points out to Jasper that he will never measure up.

Good thinking Carlisle. If he’s going to push his control, he is going to have to push himself to the point that his control is shakier. And I love the muscle analogy. (Trust a doctor to think that up!) If you want to build up one set of muscles, you can’t just focus on that one thing.

Yup! And that is exactly why he has to do it!

YES! Carlisle hit the nail on the head with that one! Assuming he’s going to fail assures that he will! If Jasper can’t believe in himself, he’ll always prove his lack of belief to be correct.

Oh, yeah, you gotta be careful with how you phrase things with a psychiatrist. “Lose it” when he looked that dangerous is bad. Put a crying or puking twist on it, and it’s much better.

Yikes! His scars! Oh, riiiiiight, the “accident,” that explains everything. *nods* Humans are so good at seeing only what they want to.

Haha, how fast Ed can go from being fine to Full Of Shame :D If that was a superpower, Ed would have it!

Edward may have thought running to the Arctic to starve himself was a good plan at the time, but Alice knew better. I can’t imagine how badly that would’ve ended if Jasper had tried it!

Hahaha! Jasper silently goading Emmett so he’d be amped up and ready to fight when invited.

Oooohh I love Jasper’s impression of Rosalie as a kindred spirit willing to do what had to be done.

And I love the end. The fierce joy of a friendly battle and Alice’s love and confidence. Just what Jasper needs.

Great chapter!
8/1 c29 Guest
I know I've read this before, but I read it again today and I have to comment again - what you write is so beautiful it breaks my heart sometimes. You KNOW them all so well, and you write the love and tenderness and feelings between them so perfectly. I love the depth of what you write, the way the characterise Rosalie's strength and brokenness at the same time and the way Emmett holds it all. You also do a superb job with giving a sense of time and place context to what's happening - I love how 30s this is. Really, I just love everything you write, and I'm a terrible reviewer but you make me want to try!

~ Rebecca (staringatthesky)...
7/25 c34 yigo99od
This is so, so beautifully written! Your writing in this chapter, and the thoughts and feelings you have examined herein, remind me of some of the finest expositions of life and death written by authors of vampire tales, as they might be seen through the eyes of a vampire who has traveled through time, and then gets to reflect upon the brief candle light of his original life, such as any I have ever read in any of Ms. A. Rice's finest chapters. It specifically, reminds me of that night of rich angst filled memories, when Monsieur Lestat (stood and sat and knelt and raged and grieved) in the crumbling tower of his human father's castle somewhere near Avignon in France, and imagined the life he would have lived, where he not to have attracted the attention of a powerful vampire (Magnus the Ugly, Brilliant, Wealthy, Cruel and Mighty), due to his valiant fight with a pack of deadly wolves, thus inspiring the said powerful vampire to make of him an heir.

Like Edward in this outtake, Monsieur L., thought about how he should (and would) have walked in his father's footsteps, eventually succeeding him as Lord (a Baron I think) of this castle and this land had he not been kidnapped and changed without his knowledge and consent. Thereby wondering, why he had subsequently almost thoughtlessly, abandoned his inheritance, and allowed his (initially unwanted) vampiric immortality, lead him away from the rich, aristocratic legacy of his noble family (a family that had fought by the side of ancient French Kings in the Crusades and other famous wars of olden-day times), to the point that he decided to renew these lands, albeit from the shadows, and to turn them (and the old castle ... when it was eventually rebuilt through the use of his vast vampiric wealth), into a great tourist attraction and center for the arts, culture, medicine and science, and to bequeath the entire project to the people whose Lord, provider and protector he rightfully would have been, had he not felt a vampire's kiss, as well as to humanity in general.

In this also, L & E are quite alike, for they share a need to honor their human sires, preserve their family legacies, and also feel a need to bequeath humanity and the modern age, with a legacy of their own making, which both their human parents and their vampiric sires, would have been proud of.

The marked difference between Edward and Lestat of course, is that at the time of L's night of angst and grief, he barely knew his vampire sire (who had swiftly sought the solace of the flames shortly after creating L). Whereas E has always had a deep knowledge of, as well as a fulfilling history of companionship with his vampiric sire Carlisle. Both of them however, had barely come to really know their human sires, before undergoing the transformative power of the 'Dark Kiss'.

As always Jessica, you inspire us with your writing, and make many a mind, imagination and heart, to take flight and soar into realms uncharted, as they dream about the stuff of dreams. Well done thou Maestra of the written word! Imagine me doffing my hat with awestruck admiration to you. :-)
7/17 c40 Sanne Hale
Thank you for the look into Jaspers mind! I read the new one-shot the day it was uploaded and reread it three times since. I love how you portray Jasper's character, and it is nice to see all the progress he has made since the last look into his mindi in 1950. Of course some other one-shots gave us a look into his struggle, but it's very different to see it from Jaspers POV. Especially the moment where Jasper considered going into Seattle showed his thirst not just as a psychical pain, but really as an addiction.
When reading midnight sun, Jasper 'stretching' it to 2 weeks & everyone being okay with it, seemed kind of odd to me, but your theory that it was on Carlisle suggestion makes perfect sense. I'm very excited to see Edwards thoughts about the new plan in your 2003 story, but considering it was Carlisle's suggestion will probably stop him from objecting/complaining too much (out loud, at least). I am wondering if you're building up to another 'accident' or not and I'm excited to find out. It will definitely not be the last of Jaspers struggles, that's for sure. A near miss like this, or maybe more of those in the future, do give some foundation to Edward asking Jasper to keep his distance from Bella in twilight/MS.
It's always nice to see some family interaction as well! I love the fight with Emmett and Rosalie and the conversation between Jasper and Carlisle showed a foundation of trust that was not yet there in your 1950 story.
Thanks for another wonderful one-shot!
7/11 c40 26EdwardsMate4ever
Oh Jessica, I just love reading from Jasper's POV. His conversation with Carlisle, and Carlisle's underlying emotions were great to read. I loved the counselor and his handling of her. I especially loved Jasper calling out Edward and the play fight with Emmett and Rosalie. Great work as always!
7/11 c40 kiwihipp
That was some fight that took place there! Huh! It sounds horrific, but I guess that is what it is like when vampires fight! In a real fight, it would have meant torn limbs and ripped off heads very quickly, with possibly no release of pent up anger and frustration, like this scenario has allowed Jasper. Loved the way you had Rosalie get Emmett out of HER car before any damage was done!
7/10 c7 tekmlb06
Great job
7/9 c40 50.Elizabeth Dawn.0
I really liked the chapter's title this time. I liked that Jasper's thoughts about Edward and Alice being his babysitters is something he both understands and hates. It's nesseccary, but also condescending in a way. I liked the transition of the title's chapter by the end. Alice watching over him from the house is loving and he looks for her.
Side note: I also liked that all the "civilized" Cullens or the ones who respect human life as a moral are inside the house (Alice is above him behind the glass) at the end while Rose, Emmett, and Jasper are outside roughhousing together. Those three tolerate humans for the convenience of it. Its another little character thing that you do so naturally.
Honestly, it's so refreshing to see his point of view. You hit so many facets of his character so well too! I love how Jasper is a foil to Edward. While both "struggle" with their thirsts, Jasper isn't guilty or shaming himself persay. He knows where he stands, and he wants to control his thirst for his own benefit of relief rather than high morality like Edward. You also showed this foiling really well with Carslise and Jasper's conversation. Carlisle and Jasper talk more like two men rather than father and son if that makes sense. Jasper is looking for advice sure, but he also is able to confront Carlisle as more of an adult than Edward typically does.
I also love seeing how Jasper views Edward almost as a know it all little brother. You've always portrayed Edward as an eternal teenager, but he doesn't necessarily see himself that way. It's fun to see how the others see him. Jasper is older in both human and vampire years, and you are able to really show that here.
I know that it would technically take place during the twilight books, but I'd be super interested in an outtake of when Jasper and Rosalie want to kill Bella. I'd love to see that frank side of the Hale twins working together. Of course, before Edward makes it absolutely clear that the human girl is off limits.
Overall, I'm super impressed with this outtake! Thank you!
7/9 c40 3ZileRacer
Nice to see things from Jasper's POV too. Oh and that reminds me, what do you think about Midnight Sun finally getting released? :P
7/9 c40 Nataly29
I love Jasper POV! Carlisle is a very good father for all of them. I love the siblings banter specially Rosalie join the "fight"
7/9 c40 Catchingstar
Hello there! It's good to see you writing again. Really loved this part. I like Jasper, and everything you wrote seemed believable. Well done.
7/8 c40 2Stardustalix
The conversation between Carlisle and Jasper turned out really great! I love Jasper setting his boundaries and Carlisle guiding him to a way to test his limits and also calling Jasper out on his pessimism. And I like the sibling play fight time at the end, especially Rosalie joining in :)
7/8 c40 Eva
This was a really great outtake! I loved it.
6/9 c36 Guest yigo99od
Sorry for breaking the rules, but I read this outtake again and loved it so much that I felt I must cheat and post a new review. Please do not block me for being such a knave! ;-)

New Review:

Yes, I do agree with Esme that Edward is simply adorable sometimes, especially whenever he so blissfully misses the obvious, gets all gallant and chivalrous (like Sir Galahad, although with with his angsty and brooding occasionally very dark temperament, he actually is more of a Sir Lancelot of the Lake, than he is the lighthearted Sir Galahad), puts on his shining armor, girds his slender teenage hips with his long broadsword (no naughty innuendos intended ha, ha, ha), mounts his beautiful white steed (...Oops! That should have been his flashy silver steed...), picks up his lance, and embarks on one of his knightly protect and/or save the "damsel in distress" (or in this particular instance ... Mommy in distress) missions. Lol!

Thanks Jessica for yet another excellently conceived and written outtake!
6/3 c39 4Haemophilus Leona
Ok, this was AWESOME. I laughed the whole way through. SO good!

I absolutely loved the Ed/Rose bit. You caught their sibling bickering perfectly, as always. "Esme, would you *please dismember him for a while?" :D *dies* I am 100% certain that she said that to Esme at least a few times a decade.

Poor Esme having to field all those offers from helpful motorists hah!

The bit where Carlisle is telling Esme what the girls said, her words should be in 'single' quote marks as dialogue within dialogue.

Poor Carlisle! Bad enough that he felt he was choosing to allow her to die, but also depriving Ed of the chance for eternal love and happiness too. God, could you imagine though! Ed would have been *LIVID*. I hope when the two of them are together again and Ed reads it in C's mind, as you know he will, that he confirms C made the right choice. As hard a choice as it was, death is the natural progression, even in a life that ends too early.

Oh that is such an Emmett challenge! How long can he remain a student?

The long-suffering mother of preschoolers sigh :D I know that one!

I feel bad for C though, cause it did have to be hard to have the power to save, and yet be forced not to act. Good thing he had Alice and Esme to look after him!

Great one-shot!
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