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11/25 c10 fuunu
Humanity wasn't attacked 6 years early. Canon the war was in 2157 you had it in 2156 so only a year early
6/18 c46 Isaasol2
Is the Harper family ever going to get any reconciliation? Will the girls figure out they were genetically made to lead the 'revolution' against the Reapers?
6/18 c45 Isaasol2
Ohhhh I just want the Harper family to be reunited already and Miranda to be the Normandy's XO.
6/18 c43 Isaasol2
Wait, so the bugs they were fighting were the Rachni?
6/18 c35 Isaasol2
Oh no! Harris is going to become Saren's replacement.
6/18 c34 Isaasol2
Oh! I really worry for the Haprer family. Miranda will no doubt still have father issues, but not to the same extent when she was a Lawson. Julia will want nothing more than to probably kill Jack and it's very likely her messages getting blocked by the Alliance is going to make her relationship with Miranda ugly. And fuck Jones. This is my problem with Governments in general, the minute someone else does something wrong or illegal they have to be arrested or killed, yet the minute they do it, its alright. Fucking stupid.
6/17 c28 Isaasol2
No, no, everything has now and will go to shit. Like seriously, Julia is now going to become and agent that dosen't think for herself instead of a leader and the Shepard of our salvation.
4/13 c92 Ase Of SpADeZ
3/18 c1 Durrty Paramour
I'm rather intrigued of the premise.
What about a reincarnation living through the life of Mirala a.k.a. Morinth, she was born in 1713 CE?
That's approximately 470 years before the event of the Eden Prime War in 2183 CE!

Samara had chosen to start her family on her homeworld, Thessia. The the orbital period around Parnitha's star is equivalent to 0.9 Earth years. While it's day length is equivalent to 27.6 Earth hours.
It was in 1755 CE, that Mirala, alongside their siblings. Rila, and Falere (Falere is the youngest. It's unclear between Rila, and Mirala, who're are the eldest), have been diagnosed as Ardat-Yakshi.

Here are a few of my own inklings.

According to Samara, in her own words. The condition of an Ardat-Yakshi doesn't fully manifest, until they've reached sexual maturity during puberty.
Meaning Mirala had reached puberty by age 42. Hence the activation of said Ardat-Yakshi abilities, becoming an active sufferer as well.
Much like any substance of paraphernalia, it can alter the development of the chemical makeup of the mind. Especially before it's fully matured in an adults prime.
The rush of Mirala's first kill in the meld, would have been unlike any narcotic high she could ever achieve. And has craved this significant enhancement, in her own Biotic potential.
Asari Ardat-Yakshi sufferers are in possession of two innate abilities.
One, called Dominate: which disrupts the synaptic harmonics of an organic brain so it can't differentiate whether their own thoughts, and actions from another's conceptive power. Dominate can kill near instantaneously, instead of controlling them, as individuals are easily killed.
It's passive ability is called Enthrallment: a single/multiple affected target(s), are subverted from their free will, able to exert control over organic species by suggestive direction. Unlike the Thorian Enthrallment or Reaper indoctrination, this method does not cause long-term mental damage. However, this means that a disciplined mind can resist an Ardat-Yakshi's enslavement more easily than; Leviathan/Thorian Enthrallment, or Reaper indoctrination. It's most useful by having a clustered group Enthralled; as a way to kill single target, or by getting nearby enemies to turn on them. Mere distractions, due to their short duration. Targets will become resistant to this Ardat-Yakshi ability over time.

Furthermore, due to frequent melding during her Maiden stage, an active Ardat-Yakshi will have reached her Matron stage earlier. Then another would at the first 350 years (on average to each Asari) of her life.
Yet canonically, Morinth's Biotic output had matched Samara's, despite said Matriarch having nearly five centuries of life experience.
So, the reincarnation has a grace period before they noticed how their physiology, due to the latent Ardat-Yakshi gene. Affects their psychology upon reaching their majority. Then learned how to manage themselves against such urges, and temptations.
Much like their own siblings would, who self isolated in a hidden monastery on the planet Lesuss, in the Mesana system. Among the Nimbus cluster.

On another note, the reincarnation will reach the Matriarch stage (700 years of age on average), much earlier. Due to rarely, or preferably not at all melding with anyone. The reincarnation will be a Biotic powerhouse. Equal to Morinth, and their mother, by their last confrontation in 2185 CE, if not sooner!

Now, I believe that Samara didn't initially run out the door, to hunt down Mirala right away in canon. She had to have been devastated with depression for a time, as her family, and marriage fell apart.
Before long, choosing to immerse herself in training for a couple of decades. Before she became a fully fledged member of the Justicar Order.
Waiting for a lead, then began her hunt for Morinth in 1780's CE.
It's a foregone conclusion that the original Mirala had went through many aliases. Until Justicar Samara lost her trail for many years, after Humanity established their Citadel embassy in 2165 CE. Canonically, Morinth, is but her last alias she went under.

If I had to choose an existing character from canon, to reincarnate as the toddler version of Samara's daughter, Mirala. It would have to be Jack Harper, The Illusive Man himself!
Imagine having to indulge in his past womanizing ways, as he did prior to his new life as an Asari Ardat-Yakshi! Along with his own extensive experience in Reaper indoctrination, thusly mitigating the latent influence of the Ardat-Yakshi gene. And his usual self in playing the long game, until the Relay 314 Incident of 2157 CE.
Instead of hiding behind an alias, why not create a new legitimate identity. Serve in the Asari military as a Commando, then train under another Huntress?
Taking the initiative, via indenture, a new client/vassal race to the Asari (especially to Mirala "Jack Haper") in an opportune time frame.
Make first contact with the Drell, well before the Hanar had done originally in 1980's CE. Migrate a few hundred million from the homeworld of Rakhana (unspecified location within the lore). To the third planet of Intai'sei (yet to be named as it was founded by the Systems Alliance in 2166 CE), located in the Phoenix system (yet to be named). Of the Argos Rho Cluster (again, yet to be named).
Which is several relay jumps away. From anywhere, then starting through the Serpent Nebula. Then the Annos Basin, and finally through the Horse Head Nebula (yet to be named). Alternatively, starting at the Omega Nebula, and then through the Shadow Sea (yet to be named).
Two relay routes each starting in the heart of Council/Terminus space, towards the potential colonial world for the Drell.

There are other Ardat-Yakshi sufferers who've become productive members within, or outside of Citadel space. Not everyone is consigned to live at the Monastery. Only those who're unable to manage their condition. There's even a Asari Huntress, by the name of Aeian T'Goni (That one PTSD soldier on the Citadel of Heurta Memorial Hospital, in 2186 CE). Who is revealed to be involved with a fellow Huntress, whose also an Ardat-Yakshi.

So it's not impossible for a Asari Ardat-Yakshi, to live out their life until the Reaper War of 2186 CE.
Maybe join the Justicar Order. I recall one Justicar Phora, was a suspected Ardat-Yakshi herself, on account of her extreme prejudice in hunting down other Ardat-Yakshi. Whether they are a danger to others or not. They were traumatized before they've arrived at the Monastery.

What better way for a reincarnation to keep themselves exempt from another Justicar's purview, then becoming a fellow member of the same Order.
To becoming a trainer themselves, including few others, like a Drell or Quarian.
Perhaps a Batarian, but unlikely, due to their animosity which results in closing their citadel embassy at couple of years later.
Instead of Commander Vyrnnus, the Turian mercenary who fought in the First Contact War), of Humanity's nascent programme.
Canonically, Vyrnnus is just one of the individuals from Kaidan Alenko's past. Along with several other Turian mercenaries, Vyrnnus was hired to work at the BAaT programme in 2166 - 2168 CE, training human teenagers to enhance their Biotic abilities. The company which hired him, Conatix Industries, kept their involvement in the programme secret (the memory of the First Contact War was still vivid in people's minds). And the fact Human Biotics were being instructed by Turians, would not have been looked upon favourably by Humanity's public. The programme shut down in 2169 CE.

I just found this story, and I have been thoroughly enjoying reading through this prologue. Eagerly awaiting future installments. Thank you, for sharing your story.
3/17 c1 thatcher577
I thank you for the chapter.
2/1 c15 Arlos
Well, this story was good, but honestly there is way too much Diabolus ex machina going around for me too read more, and Jack feel way too passive. Feel like he just the punching ball of the galaxy, with everything twisting into a pretzel to fuck him over. It broke my suspension of disbelief many times.
12/25/2021 c93 1A.N.S.N.A
10/4/2021 c27 12Blue Glass Spear
The Quarians are actually a bit based of the Romani of Eastern Europe and funny enough Battlestar Galactica.
6/30/2021 c31 Guest
she more intelligent then harper?! she outsmarted him?! hahaha fuck no! more like he did not espect her to be so retarded.
6/30/2021 c93 1AJAX087
Awesome to see this updated, enjoyed the reveal, keep it up!
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