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10/4 c27 13Blades of Chance
The Quarians are actually a bit based of the Romani of Eastern Europe and funny enough Battlestar Galactica.
6/30 c31 Guest
she more intelligent then harper?! she outsmarted him?! hahaha fuck no! more like he did not espect her to be so retarded.
6/30 c93 1AJAX087
Awesome to see this updated, enjoyed the reveal, keep it up!
6/27 c18 2Lord Macnaughton
I like the mention of the Golden Dawn though I am confused by something earlier on I believe before the First Contact War you mentioned that Greece IS a Dictatorship now you are saying that Greece no longer is ... so which is it?
6/18 c93 Guest
Great that you are back
6/18 c1 badkidoh
Good chapter.
6/18 c93 10Janizary
WooHoo! So glad to see an update to this FF. Love it.

Hope all is well with you and look forward to the next update.
6/17 c93 1Trent8688
Welcome back! Thank you for the update!
6/17 c93 Pteaset
So good ty
2/25 c10 8Bartholemeow
I choked on my cofee when you mentioned the 2020s...

Seems that im not the only one with a prophetic imagination.
1/12 c92 4Black Magic99
wait so are the reapers gone or are the just a small faction like the collectors?

also is this a simulation? or time travel or dif universe or...
12/21/2020 c6 1Feline Evolutionary Dead End
I don't typically do this but I've been reading this for much of the day and I want to weigh in with my thoughts real quick: holy SHIT this is a spectacular story so far. I got told on LPVerse server that it only gets better and I'm almost struggling to believe that because of how high the bar has been set already by these past few chapters. I only know the lore from Mass Effect 2 and what I bothered to look up on ME1 on YouTube (mostly Renegade shenanigans); but this story's still sucked me in like a thousand dollar whore to steal a joke from Yahtzee and has kept me reading for much of my entire day. I had to wait at the hospital (checkup for a relative is all) for two and a half hours and I was shocked to learn two and a half hours had passed in the blink of an eye I was so immersed in this story.

The Illusive Man feels perfectly in-character from what I know of him in the second game while also in some ways, diverging in ways that make sense. Him trying to convince himself so desperately that this new circumstance was Reaper Shenanigans felt realistic without wearing out its welcome and just becoming obnoxious (some stories do that). I adore how his actions are making massive changes to everything going down and actually BACKFIRING for him. I'm rooting for him the entire way but it's refreshing and nail-biting to see how he screws something up directly or inadvertently causes issues he has to then work around and plan for without further compromising his mission or causing yet more problems.

That and what he's doing is sometimes incredibly amusing (taking care of his own surveillance agents and almost befriending them in a weird way) sticking out.

I'm excited to see where this story goes next. I typically avoid time-travel fics like a Leper colony of anti-maskers, but this has so far been an exception to my personal dislike of such stories. I am excited to see where this goes from here.

-Feline Evolutionary Dead End
9/19/2020 c39 Guest
it's funny Jack has the ability to screw the Alliance but he doesn't do that cause he is preparing for the future.
Meanwhile everybody is scrating there heads and trying to understand his crazy actions wich make no sense.
Kasumi makes me laugh a lot
9/18/2020 c8 Guest
well i think the Turians wil take humanity serious after they killed/assasinated one of the spectre's in a safe zone
9/3/2020 c8 Delta1888
good story with some continuity problems
you often jump between years
example the founding of cerberus in july 2156 because of turian invasion which happens 3 months later
or the first trip to his artificial island which last not 6 weeks but 2 years and 6 weeks
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