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for How They Should Have Ended

6/18/2014 c5 LucediDio
Nice idea! I like it!
It would be nice if I could change Twilight...I like the books but Edward and Bella are most of the time so annoying! Edward is always saying 'I am a Monster, I don't have a Soul, you deserve so much better than me Bella, etc.' and Bella is always saying 'I am so ugly and so stupid and weak, Edward is so wonderful and perfect and deserves so much better than me, etc.' In summary: Bella's perfect nickname is Mary Sue und Edward is her beloved Gary Stue. -_- Annoying...either they get better main characters (like Alice, she's funny; or the Volturi/Werewolves, they are really popular) or the book shouldn't exist at all. (And honestly...Sparkling Vampires? Was Stephenie Meyer on drugs when she wrote that?) And the movies aren't much better...Kristen Stewart looks like a dead fish all the time and Robert Pattinson seems emotionally dead...

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