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for A Different Beginning (Ended)

4/11 c16 Tuan Pham Quang
3/8 c5 Guest
I like it. The interaction was good and im suprised i didnt cringe
2/19 c16 Febri Apee
3/6/2020 c16 Guest
I suggest continuing it but I feel that if you're truly unhappy with some bits here and there then re-do it the way you'd want it to. After all, authors should write for themselves, as readers we appreciate and love you guys for sharing your ideas, words and new worlds with us.
12/23/2019 c12 Nykyrian
They are weak af compared to luffy atm except for robin whose devil power give a weird unique advantage in combat. But I like how the bounties placed on them reflects their affiliation to luffy and not just their strength :p most people wouldve written off everyone especially Kaya.
8/22/2019 c7 Rice with Chest-Nuts
huh hah . like this Luffy-Robin pairings with a little bit Zoro-Nami in it this look hilarious and kinda cute they are, meanwhile i kept wondering will you make some Sequel of this?
8/12/2019 c16 Y
Please continue and start the actual story of luffy and robin
6/27/2019 c16 Partytim3
Please continue
5/27/2018 c16 Kariyu7
8/20/2017 c16 draco7347
4/23/2017 c16 The Grand Reaper
continue but Get the ball rolling with robin and Luffy if he kills people and is a badass, he probably knows about women and love and won't shy away from it.
2/14/2017 c1 Frozen Clouds
Mero Mero no Mi belong Boa Hancock.
2/9/2017 c7 Squid the God
this grammar is terrible
2/6/2017 c5 Guest
Don't ruin Shanks' character you dipshit.
12/8/2016 c16 1andonlyjack
Really good its dead
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