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for Naruto And The X-Men

5/31/2016 c23 Uzumaki Shadowfox
finish this fanfic
5/28/2016 c23 shugokage
Nice job on this chapter!
5/20/2016 c23 InuLamar
Epic chapter keep it up!
5/20/2016 c23 pitbull4567
nice chapter
5/19/2016 c23 R.B Uzumaki
the story is good but there's lots of time skip and it's bouncing from one seances to another.
5/19/2016 c23 14JP-Ryder
Nice, this should be updated more often.

Wonder if you'll continue from Evolution to the Wolverine and the X-Men?
5/19/2016 c23 Chaos-PSD
Good chapter, Wolf.
5/19/2016 c23 12N7 Greek-Valkyrie
Gah, damn cliff hanger.
5/19/2016 c23 1R-king 93
Excellent chapter
5/19/2016 c23 what ever yo
why not try adding movies on to this story like the avngers it met help you get more in to the story
5/19/2016 c23 StrongGuy159
Cool chapter continue please.
5/19/2016 c23 18Hotstreak's crossover stories
Excited job. I can't wait to see more
4/25/2016 c16 justafan
freedom guard was a great author and i hope his account stays active so people can still admire his work even though some wont get finished he will be missed i always wondered why his stories havent been updated and now i know so thank you for settling that for me.
4/23/2016 c13 justafan
just wondering since no lemons why is it rated m then just curious and great chapter wished there was more for pheonix though just skipped over that.
4/21/2016 c20 17Avatarofsolarus
Right off the bat I have to offer some quick advice on paragraph structure. Every time a different person starts to speak, you need to start a new paragraph, otherwise it gets jumbled up and confusing for the reader to have to determine who's speaking. It doesn't matter if it makes the paragraph a little short, readers generally won't mind.

Otherwise good story premise, I like it so far.
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