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for Naruto And The X-Men

9/16/2015 c16 bloodbrother 18
Can't wait for the next chapter love it
9/5/2015 c16 Elemental Ninja 1608
Liked this halted a lot, I wonder what will be the punishment for the young X-men
9/5/2015 c15 Elemental Ninja 1608
Liked the presents Naruro gave to his girls
9/5/2015 c14 Elemental Ninja 1608
Rest chapter, it was interesting seeing how they are doing
9/5/2015 c13 Elemental Ninja 1608
Great chapter although I wonder if they will notice that Emma's is part of the reason for some of Jean's problems
9/5/2015 c12 Elemental Ninja 1608
Excellent chapter, I like how you are developing the girls relationship with Naruto
9/5/2015 c11 Elemental Ninja 1608
Interesting chap, good to see that Rogue has finally admitted her feelings
9/5/2015 c10 Elemental Ninja 1608
Really good chapter, it was interesting seeing Mystique's reason for abandoning Kurt
8/30/2015 c11 Valdiusmacto
Just a point about this chapter...Emma isn't a telekinetic and you had her 'throw' pyro with he powers.
8/17/2015 c16 Guest
very good, loved
8/15/2015 c16 Erazor djinn
Great new chapter, that is tragic news regarding Freedom Guard, he will be missed.
8/17/2015 c16 pitbull4567
great chapter
8/16/2015 c16 Jose19
Storm would not be interested in Naruto she would consider him like a little boy and immature, and she is above in terms of what he can handle nothing personal but I like Ororo to stay in who she likes, and she marries someone better than Naruto in the story in the Black Panther who is the King of Wakanda.

I still can't get used to Naruto being a playboy remember you are talking to someone who is so dense Romantically that it isn't funny because he feels like a OC in this story because his personality is completely wrong in my opinion.
8/16/2015 c3 mcclaine5
why the hell did you write this at all? So this is supposed to be a post war Naruto de-aged with the same amount of skill he had before he was transported. This character claiming to be naruto hasn't done anything and has to have someone else from the x-men bail his ass out when it should be the other way around. Despite being discriminated and sabotaged by konoha, he is a trained shinobi dealing with untrained civilians with some fancy powers. I'll continue to read for a couple of chapters to see if it's gotten better but so far you might as well have not put naruto into this story at all.
8/16/2015 c16 19anime-death-angel
R.I.P Freedom Guard
You were a great writer.

One of my favorite stories is Tekno Ninja.
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