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for Naruto And The X-Men

6/23/2015 c15 StrongGuy159
Awesome 3 chapters (13, 14, & 15) continue please.
6/23/2015 c15 pitbull4567
damn no lemons still great chapter
6/23/2015 c14 11chm01
I hope you add her, she's a riot.
6/23/2015 c15 BoomOnGames
Good chapter I really enjoyed reading it and I look forward to reading future chapters
6/23/2015 c14 pitbull4567
do you do lemons
6/23/2015 c13 pitbull4567
good chapter
6/23/2015 c15 7Jebest4781
enjoyed helping out as much as I can
6/23/2015 c14 Jebest4781
glad to be of help
6/23/2015 c13 Jebest4781
this went well man on the layout at least
6/13/2015 c10 JJP123
is mystique in the harem?
6/11/2015 c1 Akuma-Heika
I REALLY hope X23 is one of the surprises. The Pilot version of her came to be in XME.
6/11/2015 c12 Rickjames196
Lulz Naruto is the repairman for the mansion. Naruto is a dumbass, she coulda just phased, it's like her thing. Aww last chapter.
6/11/2015 c11 Rickjames196
Yay gambit shows up XD. Fail, he got owned. Lulz "mother" Why did rouge touch kyuubi Naruto?
6/10/2015 c10 Rickjames196
Hahaha Naruto is so annoying XD, Rogue trynna be serious after her nightmare . Wait, Naruto was deaged in this fic right? But after winning the fourth war, and he is still in contact with konoha. That means let say 7-10 years have passed then? So the konoha 12 are like 27 or something and Naruto is 17ish? Ugh poor hina still waiting for him. Woulda been cool if it was after they got together, but then she'd be by herself raising 2 kids and he'd be all depressed bout not being with his family. I wish kyu was more active in this fic Y.Y He has a lil fox body right? Wonder what he is up 2. Poor Baron first the slut cheats on him then she kills him. I wonder if we will see Kurt in the new x-men movies since mystique was with Charles since she was a lil girl, then with Erik as an adult, so she couldn't have married a baron. But I'm sure there are other origin stories for Kurt. Awww poor Kurt he is only blue and cute cuz magneto experimented on him. Hahaha would it count as being lezzy with mystique? I'm sure she turned into a dude. If mystique is in the harem Naruto will be kurt's stepdad and also get with his stepdaughter... awkward. Smooch, and all he had to do for it was get gutted by six claws. Cute ending.
6/10/2015 c9 Rickjames196
Shoulda had Naruto make some supah seal that will keep him asleep unless it's unlocked.
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