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for Naruto And The X-Men

6/23/2017 c4 Guest
So narutos goona bang jean and a twin made from jean and a cosmic power older than memory? I can dig it
5/27/2017 c38 4Snakeskull
Wizard of waverly place
4/20/2017 c8 Jelamy
It's a wonderful story but it's too confusing to read as some part of the story is not descriptive and elaborated enough.
4/20/2017 c12 myafroatemydog
Excellent chapter
4/19/2017 c11 myafroatemydog
Pretty good chapter
4/19/2017 c10 myafroatemydog
Excellent chapter
4/15/2017 c4 myafroatemydog
Pretty awesome chapter
4/15/2017 c5 myafroatemydog
Pretty great
4/15/2017 c6 myafroatemydog
Excellent chapter.
4/15/2017 c7 myafroatemydog
Excellent chapter
3/27/2017 c1 UpZ
-sigh- You're a good writer but every one of your stories I've started always follow the same pattern that I unfortunately hate with a passion.

1. You start the story with Naruto already firmly established in the universe. A large part I enjoy about these crossovers is the culture shock for Naruto, and watching his first interactions with new people as he develops friendships and finds his role in the new world.

2. Every story tends to be a harem. While this is more "to each his own", but darn it harems ruin serious stories and I've only read maybe one semi-serious story in which an actual harem seemed to work (and it was only 2 girls at that).

3. This is part of my harem grievance but you change Naruto's personality to that of an incorrigible flirt and it pains me to see it. That's not Naruto. Naruto isn't even smooth enough to realistically flirt with women so effortlessly as this one you have. Reading a scene where Naruto blatantly flirts with a woman 10 years his elder while his girlfriend is right next to him is just disgusting. Further, the fact that said girlfriend basically laughs it off as if he didn't just try to get with another woman while she's right there.

With most authors I wouldn't even bother to review because most have little to no literary skill, but I'm making an exception here. That's because with you, I like the worlds you create, and your writing seems to be pretty good, it's just those same 3 things seem to appear in every story and I'm praying that if you decide to write another crossover, you decide to leave out those 3 issues. Either way good job with what you've done.
3/27/2017 c1 Guest
Motal Kombat, Mass Effect, W.I.T.C.H., Batman Beyond, Total Drama Series, Kim Possible, Gargoyles, TMNT'12, Avatar the Last Airbinder, Batman The Animated Series.
3/27/2017 c38 MiseryWolf97
Really amazing story, sad to see it end, but it had a nice run and you did amazing with it
3/27/2017 c38 19anime-death-angel
This was the absolute best Naruto/X-men story there ever was. good job and congratulations on finishing it. The ending was absolutely perfect. Look forward to your future work.
3/26/2017 c6 Born2BeGodLike
I give up. Story good but it also a confusing to read. Got re-read the same sentence to figure out who talking.
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