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for She's taken them!

8/7/2006 c2 Georgina
Hiya i just luved that story it was gr8 hav ever thought of makin a chapter 3 ?
9/19/2003 c2 mandi
omg that is so sad it mad me cry
5/28/2003 c2 1Jessie51
ah!poor carter!great story though
11/7/2002 c2 1NarrativeLighthouse
As much as I love Carter I also like this story line. please write more
11/7/2002 c2 19Abby Lockhart
hi, altho im a massive carby fan i lovethis plot! i think tiscould bea gr8 story..but when writing ur next chapters u need to make the speech more american and after sum 1 has spoken and duz an action put it in brakets coz its hard to make out wots bein sed n wots bein dun! thats all! pls keep going tho i love it so far
11/7/2002 c2 9Becky9
Carter would never do such a thing! Ahhhhh! As much as I really like Carter, and Abby, and the whole CARBY, I'm liking this story! so please please please please please please please please

11/6/2002 c1 4Mrs Eyre
Soelling: marriage.

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