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for Naruto Major Crossover Challenge

8/20/2016 c1 7The AllSpark
7/13/2014 c1 12Lord Joyde The Madman
First arc - Deathwing is summoned and placed into Naruto's seal, along with Kyuubi. Describe the following years and Deathwings inner parent being reawakened by the little Naruto. Kyuubi is FEMALE, so they decide to become his adopted parents.

Second arc - Diablo is ashamed that one of his descendants, The Fox Demon Queen, aka. Kyuubi, is in love with a walking dragon corpse, saying how even his grandson, the Sage of Six Paths, was less humiliating for him since he was strong even with how much of a goody-two shoes he was. Naruto decides to enter a tournament inside of hell in order to save his mothers honor.

Third Arc - After winning Hell's Tournament, Naruto returns to the human world just in time for Jiraya to arrive in town. Jiraya decided to teach Naruto a summoning jutsu. He gives him the ability to summon toads but Diablo is disgusted by this and decides to fk up the summoning by giving his Great Grandson a great beast instead. This great beast turns out to be The Predalien.

Fourth Arc - Somewhere inside of rice country, Orochimaru has been draining power from the soul of an dragon named Alduin. Another dragon, The Ancient Dragon, has been sent by Kami to find and execute Orochimaru before he gains too much power. But the Dragon is too wild and hates humans, causing untold destruction as it searches for Orochimaru. Naruto, along with many allies, fights and eventually defeats the dragon, who then tells him of Orochimaru's ploy. Naruto exposes the ploy to the world and a national hunt for Orochimaru commences, ending with his death and the destruction of the soul crystal which he used to siphon Alduin's power.

Fifth Arc - Naruto's power is noticed by the Overmind, who then prepares to assault Naruto's world. Naruto however, successfully stops the invasion before it even happens, as a piece of his mind is fused into the Overmind, setting in motion a series of events which would result in the Overmind's death and the birth of Kerrigan, The Queen of Blades. Naruto, in exchange, gains a piece of the Overminds power, granting him great psionic abilities which he uses to then defeat Madara and The Mother of The Sage of Six paths, putting her into a deep psionic dream where she is still living with both her children, in a world without chakra.

Sixth Arc - Kami decides that he likes what Naruto has been doing so far and that one final test is necessary. Kami then challenges Naruto to defeat The Omega Shenlong inside of the Spirit World. The battle is long and grueling, but Naruto manages to come out on top by using his fathers ability to cause a cataclysm, but focusing the energy solely onto Shenlong, completely unmaking him in the process.

Seventh Arc - A great demon known only as The Beast escapes Hell and is assaulting Naruto's world. Even if he himself could easily destroy the beast, Naruto realizes that doing so would result in an explosion so large, it would devour half the planet. He decides to make the ultimate sacrifice and use his life force to rip a tear in reality large enough to send the beast into The Empty Void. Naruto has saved his world one final time and his legacy would live on forever.

Eight Arc - Kami has other plans for him however and decides to save Naruto's soul, placing it into a stasis chamber. Unicron, feeling the power the fleshbound boy has inside, tries to corrupt Naruto, telling him that he can transform his fragile flesh into hard metal while only trying to make it possible for him to posses and use the boy's body for his own purposes. However, Naruto's pure heart and soul is strong enough to refuse Unicron. Enraged, Unicron creates a trans dimensional portal and flings Naruto thru it.

Ninth and Final Arc - Naruto then finds himself in a world full of war. Deciding that he has had enough of battle in his life, he decides to live a normal life. That does not work for very long as war comes to his doorstep. After seeing him defeat Darksied, The Justice League tries to hire Naruto as a teacher to all the young Heroes and heroines. Unable to say no to becoming a teacher to many young and pure hearts, Naruto decides to join the League and spend the rest of his days surrounded by many children, all of which would later become great superheroes.

So, what do you think? It took me ten minutes to think up and write this.
6/30/2014 c1 5Amidamaru88
hmmmmmmmm... nope I can't really see how all of them can be tied together logically, I try to imagine what these people could come together on, how could they create an alliance.
Maybe Deathwing, Alduin and the Ancient Dragon were at some point one being and want to become one again but can't the usual way.
- Deathwing may not bend the knee to Alduin however the Ancient Dragon may, in case the other idea doesn't fly.
- Kyuubi isn't a bad guy so him being here doesn't make that much sense, should he be undercover?
- Omega Shenlong needs to have his teeth cut as taking him down by simple Shinobi wouldn't occur
- Unicron - no idea what to do with him, he wants to fleshy things to kill each other? maybe the true master mind behind it all
- Darkside - I think he was more interested in the anti life equation then anything, so him being here well maybe if he thinks he can get some powerful servant out of it
- Predalien - thrown in to hunt Naruto as a test of skill or accidental encounter
- Diablo - hmmm he was taken down by normal humans so I'm not sure how to rate his power
- Th Beast - um...
6/26/2014 c1 Guest
6/20/2014 c1 3Absimilard
Okay, while you certainly have good taste in villains, I for one do not understand how exactly you want this to work. Naruto is the main character (if I get this right), but there are things that you left out. For example, should the story be on Azeroth or the Elemental Nations, or how strong the main character should be (considering some of those guys the answer is probably A LOT), etc.
Just trying to help...
6/18/2014 c1 What the Hell
Why would you put Omega fucking Shenron/Shenlong in a Naruto/WoW crossover; noboby could stop him. It took a universal Spirit Bomb to put his ass down.
6/17/2014 c1 Asuravartin the Ur-Dragon
I have to say...you're kind of missing a few that could also add to this.
Galactus from Marvel
Gohma Vlitra from Asura's Wrath
Jubelius from Bayonetta
Mundus and/or the Savior from Devil May Cry Series
Metal Overlord from Sonic Heroes
Dark Gundam from G-Gundam
Joker Undead, N-Daguva-Zeba, Utopia Dopant, and/or Giru/Kyoryu Greeed from Kamen Rider Series

And those are the ones I could think of right now. If you don't have any idea about the ones from the Kamen Rider Series, you're missing out.
6/17/2014 c1 Karlos1234ify
Very interesting.

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