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7/31 c1 109samanthabravo
Wow, good start! I like it.
3/23/2018 c10 Foxyleo28
Wow you writing these stories so good. weird i read the last one first so i know how it ends lol. hope you write some more abt GH
8/14/2014 c10 Siamshipper17
That's it? The end of the story? There's gotta be more! That's a really big cliffhanger...
What does Sonny do? What does EJ do?
8/13/2014 c10 13TerryGyimah
So E.J. just goes after yet another innocent, going after Sonny's son Morgan, and E.J. just manages to get away with it all no matter how many lives he's ruined or destroyed, no matter how many innocents he has gone after he gets away with it
8/13/2014 c8 TerryGyimah
I don't think Julian is really dead because if anything I think yes Julian may have flatlined but I think he will start breathing for himself and then afterwards Julian will fake his death and somehow find his way out of the hospital similar to how A.J. Quartermaine died way back in 2005 when Monica helped him to fake his death but either way Julian I don't think he's really dead and in the end it will come out that he is alive
8/13/2014 c7 TerryGyimah
Like EJ is so consumed with revenge that he would just go after Sonny like this, that he would have to ruin the real Luke Spencer's life by pretending to be him and then having Lucas shot and then trying to have Alexis and her family killed by planting a bomb at the lake house, really why go after innocent people who have nothing to do with you? I just don't get it, EJ really is a heartless son of a bitch and I just hope Sami she wises up and realizes just who she is about to marry

If EJ did not make an enemy of Sonny, he now has the real Luke Spencer as an enemy too because Luke is going to be gunning for EJ and not to mention Julian as well, and not to mention people back in Salem like Rafe, Brady, etc., EJ is going to have a long list of people that will try to kill him now including Tracy Quartermaine, Ned Ashton, Michael Corinthos III, the list goes on and on

And not to mention the Salem PD as well as the PCPD, FBI, WSB they probably all want EJ's head on a platter
8/11/2014 c5 TerryGyimah
Stefano crossing paths with Sonny Corinthos, I would have thought that I would never see the day but I am glad that they have finally come face to face but since EJ was the one who wanted to make things personal then Sonny should retaliate in kind by going after EJ's family, Sonny would never go after innocent children like Johnny and Sydney but that doesn't mean that Sonny would not go after EJ's sister Kristen or EJ's brother Chad or Sonny wouldn't go after Stefano as a way of getting to EJ or Sonny wouldn't go after Sami as a way to stick it to EJ since EJ wants to make things personal

But at the same time it doesn't explain why EJ went around masquerading himself as Luke Spencer trying to take over the real Luke's life, I don't get it still
8/11/2014 c6 TerryGyimah
So apparently the DiMeras have history with people in Port Charles? With Anna knowing Stefano it does not come as a surprise considering Anna she used to work for the WSB and DVX spy agencies, Anna used to be a spy, a double agent so not surprising that she would know Stefano even though he is from Salem but Stefano he is a mobster and so is EJ but the DiMeras back in the 80s and 90s were a big deal back then especially if you know your DAYS history
8/11/2014 c4 TerryGyimah
But E.J. was a kid when all of that happened, he was a teenager so I don't understand why he would feel the need to go after Sonny like this? But what I also don't understand is how E.J. DiMera even knows Luke Spencer? Or why would E.J. go to the trouble of imprisoning Luke in Miscavige and taking over Luke's life? What does E.J. have against Luke that he would even do that? And E.J. used Tracy too he doesn't even know Tracy so why go to all of that trouble of getting ELQ when E.J. already has DiMera Enterprises back in Salem? Why not use DiMera Enterprises to launder his dirty money why use Tracy's company? I don't get it

And isn't E.J. married to Sami? E.J. went on to have a life after Eliza, he has his children Johnny and Sydney doesn't he not? Unless Sami she found out about E.J. and Abby
7/9/2014 c2 TerryGyimah
But what I do not understand again is just how EJ figures into everything in terms of being Julian's boss? Or better yet just what EJ's connection is to Port Charles because EJ is from Salem and the fact that he would use Brenda Barrett's family company of Barrett Industries to try to take down Sonny that is another thing I don't seem to get or understand considering EJ he is a businessman but EJ is also a mobster and from my understand EJ he has never dealt in drugs at least as far as I know

And also EJ from my understanding he has never ever lived in Port Charles before because EJ was born in Salem and then afterwards he was raised by his mother Susan Banks in London, England before Stefano took EJ away from Susan and raised him himself with Stefano training EJ to be what he was so I don't see how EJ could know Sonny or Julian for that matter or better yet Luke even especially to take over Luke's life
7/9/2014 c3 TerryGyimah
So EJ is the one who is Julian's boss? How is that even possible? Better yet why would EJ have plastic surgery on his face to make himself look like Luke Spencer? It makes no sense to me at all whatsoever as to why EJ would have plastic surgery to make himself look like Luke to take down Sonny but better yet what is EJ's connection to Julian Jerome? That also makes no sense because EJ he would have had to have known Julian for decades and Julian was in Witness Protection courtesy of the WSB they gave him a new life, a new face as Derek Wells so I wonder how EJ DiMera fits into all of this?

Because EJ is like in his 30s so that means he would have had to have known Julian ever since he was a teenager
6/29/2014 c3 Siamshipper17
Incredible! When is the next update?

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