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4/12/2019 c2 3doublegengar05
just a small nickpick... gojoseon would NOT have called himself that nor would China( middle Kingdom) would have called him that. He would be called Joseon. Gojoseon is an artificial name created by later historian to differentiate from Joseon dynasty of 1392. Go in chinse character means old/ancient. So his name basically means "ancient Joseon. " BTW Joseon in 1392 was called that because first king of Joseon wanted name his kingdom after that very ancient kingdom. He copied the name from Korean history.
2/22/2019 c5 136Devin Trinidad
Such a wonderful story! I am absolutely floored by the amount of research and respect that you have for China. I read your note at the beginning of chapter one, how you said that this was a character study because you didn't know what China was as a character. (I'm paraphrasing, but I think I got the general idea). And like, no? You seriously made the oldest character in the series into this inquisitive, mischievous young thirteen year old who wants to know more about his surroundings and philosophy and finally make sense of family and aaahaasdhfjhasdh! Everything in East Meets West finally makes sense.

The family, the wanting to visit, oh my gosh and all of his regrets! Shoot, there was so much going on here, I don't think a single review of mine can fully encompass how truly of a masterpiece this story is. Seriously, while not as humorous as your other story, it had his moments of humor. As for the angst and drama, you seriously nailed it.

I don't know how you did it, but you made me feel sympathy and sad when Kongzi eventually accepted the title as father, when he continuously learned and taught China, and when he died ashfashfkjhgjhf! Gosh, such a heartwarming story with an even better character study that was part of the behind the scenes.

I think what I like most about this particular piece is that while Nations aren't discussed or as being part of the forefront of the story (as it was in your other fic), it was still in the background, looming. It was interesting because all at once, China is still so young and yet so old and wise beyond his years. For me, it's hard to reconcile the fact that a young looking kid (12!), could still bear influence and wisdom, but still have the mannerisms and vocabulary of that as a young child. Kudos for pulling it off! You're a natural at this.

(And that last line when he looks upon himself in the mirror...absolutely poetic).

Anyway, thanks again for taking the time and effort to research this piece. Again, I'm not historian and I admittedly don't know that much about Chinese culture and history, but I will say this again: THANKS. This fandom can be quite hilarious and angsty at times, but sometimes, we really need a story like this to show us that the nations themselves are just as human as the rest of us, if not more so.

This review barely has any of the sentiments I want to tell you, but what else is there to say?

Keep up the wonderful work because the Hetalia fandom really needs more fanfics from a wonderful author like you! Have a wonderful day! :D
10/14/2018 c2 53AquaEclipse
I agree that the dragon boss is the Personification of the Mandate of Heaven :-)
7/10/2018 c1 AquaEclipse
Looks like someone did their Chinese History research. :D
6/22/2018 c5 Guest
This was really good. I loved the whole story and the history you out into it. Keep up the good work!
3/19/2018 c4 12SiZodiac
This story is beautiful, thank you so much for writing it!
2/15/2017 c5 Guest
You are amazing, I love your stories, and the always make me cry (happy and sad tears). You're a total inspiration and your writing is FABULOUS.

9/13/2016 c5 Aomina
Thank you for preparing me for my AP World History class :)
11/8/2015 c5 11WriterGreenReads
Okay, so I know how everyone is giving you these long, detailed analytical reviews...
And I'm here just like-can you write another one?
10/11/2015 c5 3kalmaegi
This is awesome. The footnotes are amusing and the story is lighthearted enough to pound history in between China interacting with people. I find cute that he was a hermit like his father before Mozi encouraged him to travel.
8/22/2015 c5 painxsmile
The depth and effort you put in this is wonderful. It was a pleasant read especially that I'm taking a philosophy class this term and we just covered the Chinese Philosophers. I never thought I might use this knowledge in a hetalia fanfic just to relate haha. Thank you so much for this story. It was an absolute delight reading it!
8/11/2015 c4 8Anne Onymus
I've never seen Hetalia - Axis Powers, I know hardly anything about history, and this story is still a marvel. TolkienScholar recommended it on her profile page and that's how I found it. I just read the three first chapters in one gulp and wouldn't mind AT ALL reading the rest right now, but there's stuff so I have to do things. :P Favoriting this so I won't lose it.
6/12/2015 c5 acctdisabled
Your story was recommended over at the Reviewer's Lounge, and after hearing nothing about great things about it, decided to check it out. First of all, as a history buff, any story that incorporates actual historical and cultural information already has it hooked. I'm no expert in Ancient China history, but I like to think I know a little since I took a few classes on it in college.

I 100% cosign your thoughts on the Qin Dynasty, despite the good there was clearly plenty of bad to counterbalance it.

Anyways, I greatly enjoyed the AN's because this allows people of varying levels to understand the history behind various things in your story, which makes it accessible to all readers. Disclaimer though: I am fandom blind to this one, but I did do some research as I was reading so that I didn't come off as totally clueless. The detail you put into your scenes is great, and who doesn't love some sarcasm and bits of humor thrown in along the way. The latter especially worked well to convey the contrast between Kongzi's emotions and calm statements that yet hinted at sense of irritability behind them. I also enjoyed the way you humanized him and did not make him infallible, such as after the twentieth night and his chance to redeem himself. As someone who is a teacher, the distinction you make between Kongzi as a teacher rather than a lecturer is a poignant way to describe how self-growth through guided learning is an essential part of the learning process. Telling someone about a topic is one thing, but guiding them towards applying it to his/her own experiences is another.

The part in chapter 3 where the older women calls him a girl was hilarious, as that would probably up there on the list of insults for that time period, and then humorously enough the Middle Kingdom sulked for a week, something we often assume to be a feminine action. I think this sort of dialogue speaks to Kongzi's ability to understand that perception can vary by person, and it is up to us to try and piece together the whole picture.

The last scene in chapter 4 was very beautiful in a darker kind of way, but it is nice touch that the Middle Kingdom was determined to go and find him even though he is clearly gone from the earth. The descriptions and reactions of the grieving citizens and characters was well-executed, and really demonstrated Kongzi's current and undoubtedly future impact on the Middle Kingdom. It was a nice ending to see the shift in Zigong, and on top of that he wants to help record Kongzi's sayings is a touching nod to what would be a sign of Kongzi helping bring together two characters that did not start off on the greatest terms, a true yin-yang person able to provide balance even in the afterlife.

I could probably say a lot more, but really in short: this is an excellent story, chock of full of historical information, and creatively executed to produce an engaging and meaningful story that is accessible to all. Great job!
6/11/2015 c4 75darkaccalia520
Oh, that's very cool to change to China's perspective. I like that. Anyway, I love how happy Middle Kingdom is about spring. I love that little boy! And how sweet that he's eager to see Master Kongzi. And I love the line about how apparently, no one had told Kongzi it was spring. I am a bit worried, though, the fact hes bundled up...and I was right. Oh, dear. I've a feeling this is going to get sad.

Oh, dear, I love how protective Middle Kingdom is of Kongzi...especially since the man was a bit of a jerk and he wasn't very kind to Middle Kingdom. However, Kongzi was right that perhaps Middle Kingdom should not have slammed the door in his face.

Oh, how very intriguing about Zigong, thinking he was the one teaching Middle Kingdom when Kongzi turned around and told him it was he who needed to learn. I also love that he calls Middle Kingdom his son. That's very beautiful.

Ah, and the revelation about Middle Kingdom telling Kongzi that he is the people and the earth and he is the stars and the sky and then Kongzi telling him it's the other way around was beautiful. It reminds me of Starry Night by Van Gogh, as that was a representation for God protecting the people. In other words, it's like he's saying that Middle Kingdom is like God, which is a gorgeous comparison.

I feel like the conversation about the dream about the pillars and the qilin is a bit of foreshadowing. However, I do love that Middle Kingdom assures Kongzi that he listens to him ad that he'll remember him. I also love that Kongzi realizes that Middle Kingdom is probably his most perceptive student and that makes him laugh. At least he's good-natured about what the future holds.

Oh, my gosh; I have no words for the last scene. It was so beautifully sad, but maybe it's true that Master Kongzi becomes a star in his death. And how very lovely and heartbreaking that Middle Kingdom vows to find him. Wow...I really cannot wait to read the last chapter. This is so gorgeously done. I love it. Well done! :)
6/11/2015 c5 68TolkienScholar
This chapter, while it feels very different from the rest of the story, definitely seems like it belongs here. I was glad to see how the Middle Kingdom dealt with his grief over Kongzi, how he spent the time afterward, that he did try to reconcile with his brother, even though it didn't turn out very well, etc.
I really like the development in the Middle Kingdom's relationship with Zigong. Having Zigong get on to the Duke, making him turn "a downright amusing shade of red," was a great way to get us on his side and signal that he's actually going to turn out to be a good character. Then their little back-and-forth over the brushwork, while very fun, also shows us how their relationship has changed for the better, and the fact that Zigong wants to stay and help him record Kongzi's sayings cements the his goodness. The line "You know I don't really mean it when I tell you to go away" was so sweet. And then you wrapped it up with the teasing about the age and finally, as you explained in the footnote, his acknowledging the Middle Kingdom's seniority. Beautiful relationship development. Very well done. :)
Mozi was the carpenter, wasn't he? So this sort of makes him one of Kongzi's intellectual offspring; I'm guessing those books were what gave him the kernel of his ideas. "If you always avoid the mud, you'll never see the lotus bloom" sounds like something Kongzi could have said. :)
The bit about humans not living very long was really well done. The Middle Kingdom decided to go out and see the world, and he learned much, but he also got his heart broken again. That was the way it had to be, and you show this well. "They fell like flowers and left scars in their wake" is a great line.
It was so sad to see him try to reconcile with his brother too late. I didn't know the historical context, but even without the footnote, I could get the gist of what had happened, and now the tables were turned and it wasn't Gojoseon who was wronging the Middle Kingdom by not paying attention to him, but the Middle Kingdom who had wronged Gojoseon without even knowing. So sad.
And we did get to see the Mandate of Heaven after all! I like how he really seems to care about the Middle Kingdom. But they don't have the same goals necessarily, which makes the Middle Kingdom seem more "human," in that, despite following the Mandate of Heaven, he doesn't always agree.
Beautiful ending. The last line, "When he happened to glance at the mirror the next morning, he fancied he looked thirteen," is a wonderful way to end it, because not only is it slightly humorous, it also hints that he's seen a lot of things that have forced him to grow up a little.
Very, very well done. Despite being fandom blind, I thoroughly enjoyed this fic. You are a really good writer. :)
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