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for Secret Life of SEijun

11/6/2014 c6 Guest
Woah woah woah... You mean Seiichiro's a bad guy? Their time is running out... was he warning or threatening? Oooooh I can't wait to read this next chapter! Ja ne... *clicks 'review' and then 'next' buttons*.
10/27/2014 c20 warawanaikitsune
Thank you for the story ! It was a very cute last chapter, I wish Eijun will live in peace.
10/24/2014 c20 10doremishine itsuko
awwwwwwww kawaii I like the end neko chan your story is one of my favorites so good job..!"

Btw have you any chance read my new story..?" and i will update the new chapters of my other stories in the following weeks well, I'll see you later and take care
10/24/2014 c20 wildfire.puente
yes! a happy ending! i would probably kill neko-san if she killed eijun in the story kukuku glad i don't have to be a murderer. and horaay for the upcoming new story! miyuki as a song writer is sooo irresistible hahaha! \(q)/
10/15/2014 c19 2silvertwilightgemini
OMGGGG yesss Eijunnnnn livessss. But pooor himmmm. His cousin died thoughhhhh. I can't wait for the finale!
10/15/2014 c19 warawanaikitsune
ouf...I was scared at the begining, really.
Thank you for the chapter, I prefer seeing Eijun like that.
10/15/2014 c19 wildfire.puente
Oh my! i thought it was eijun that died. i was like on the verge of bawling my eyes out! thank you dear author-san for not killing him in this chapter! (T/T)
9/21/2014 c18 1Reiu4h
Uuuuu Eijun hang in there...
Thanks for the updates!
9/21/2014 c18 warawanaikitsune
Thank you for this amazing story. It was really a hard chapter, I can't wait for the next.
9/20/2014 c18 wildfire.puente
gosh! Eijuuuun! TT i hope he is okay.. please don't make it a tragedy. Q-Q
9/20/2014 c18 2silvertwilightgemini
Eijunnnnn pleaseee be okayyy! Thank you for the update even if it is so intense and heartbreaking!
9/20/2014 c18 Biapop
Please don't let eijun dieeee!
He absolutely can not die.
Please update soon
9/18/2014 c16 1Reiu4h
So Miyuki has some sort of idea now huh. Thankyou for the update
9/18/2014 c16 wildfire.puente
arghh! i want more XDD anyway, i hope eijun will not die since he still have an operation with a success of 20% rate. :DD please don't end this with as a tragedy, im begging you m(_ _)m
9/17/2014 c15 Biapop
ahhhhh so sad!

In the next chapter is eijun going to tell him about his disease?

Ei-chan can't dieee!He has to live in order to be with miyuki forever.

Please update soon, I'm dying to know what is happening next.
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