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3/22 c37 1L1ttleRedR1d1ngNerd
*slow clap* wow, just wow. I just found this story a week or so ago and it was, no IS, so good. Please, please, please keep it up.
12/27/2020 c37 Guest
Please save Ironhide.
12/27/2020 c37 Guest
Uuuugh your book is so beautiful! I love it darling! *wipes a tear* you make a wonderful book hun i love it, please continue your imaginatuon!
7/5/2020 c35 6CrystalAris
... I hope sentinel won’t go AWOL... especially since ... we’ll guardian
4/13/2019 c13 Selena Nyx
40 year old guy who lives in his mother's basement.

Seymour Simmons.


I think not!
3/8/2019 c22 3OJ stories
So sad *is crying* why can’t she just find it cool lol. This is super sad
3/8/2019 c21 OJ stories
*smacks jazz around* This is why you should listen to ratchet! Don’t start agreeing with bay jazz!
I agree with elita being killed and jetfire... but I was kinda looking forward to seeing arcee and Averie hang out. Hope her new powers let that happen.
Guessing “changes” are cyberizing? Lol like I said I love this idea way better than her just finding out she was always part transformer.
3/8/2019 c20 OJ stories
*has no words for this chapter*
3/8/2019 c19 OJ stories
Lol love that scene! Taze em all Simmons!

I seriously wonder how you are going to bring jazz and Averie together with her being so clueless (*coughs* so was I *cough*)
I thought when they found the language of the allspark she was really part cybertronian. Kinda like this way better!
3/7/2019 c17 OJ stories
I think this is your best chapter yet. Tho I love simons and Averie “little ball crusher” XD
3/7/2019 c14 OJ stories
Good job. Loved it all.
3/5/2019 c13 OJ stories
... Alice is so weird... thank you for acknowledging it lol
3/5/2019 c12 OJ stories
Nooooo *cries* so sad.
3/5/2019 c11 OJ stories
Yes ol sunny is back! How could bay not add him?! Lol pink with green dots? Pretty sure sunstreaker would die if he woke up and saw himself like that.
3/5/2019 c10 OJ stories
Sweet job. Just one note in DotM they say the wreckers were in the ship with sideswipe and the others but the government doesn’t let them off base after they see them in action.
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