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for (Not) easily love

1/2/2015 c1 Guest
No! This is going to give me night mares no no no what the fuck is wrong with shipping Astrid and caine and gagged when I with astrid and caine just there holy shit no no no ew ew ew
8/9/2014 c7 5TheeFirstEvil
why does it have to be over waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
8/8/2014 c7 6Kyle3698
Wow, that was an awesome chapter. I loved it! Sam forgot he became he a stalker. You forgot to put in! Anyway, I'm upset it's over. This was an awesome fic! I also feel sorry for Caine and Astrid. They were great together in your story anyway.

And Connie. Just wow. Connie, Connie Connie. Stealing blood samples. Probably Caine's to see if she was right about him and Sam. Wouldn't surprise me. I dint love Connie. She can be alright. Sometimes. Unlike the times she did t tell Sam and Caine about each other.
7/30/2014 c6 5TheeFirstEvil
really the last chapter im really sad now i need connie to see both of them together and shit herself cause they know each other
7/29/2014 c6 6Kyle3698
Good chapter. I hope Caine picks Astrid's. And I hope Sam doesn't kill Caine before he makes tht deciesion
7/14/2014 c5 5TheeFirstEvil
this is sooooooo adorable I will probly cry if Caine is only acting
anyway just on a completey off note hear I seen fault in our stary eyes like last week and I found it funny when he died
7/14/2014 c5 6Kyle3698
This was a great chapter. How convenient that Sam was there. *rolls eyes* god Sam. He is really jealous. I wonder if he'll kill Caine before the FAYZ. That wouldn't be a huge surprise. Sam seems super jealous right now.
7/3/2014 c4 5TheeFirstEvil
sam sam the nice man... not
one thing i like about fanfics is that some make u hate charcters u normally like
this is good cause it makes u feel something even thou its hate which of course is a normal feeling to me that and revenge muhahahaaahahahahahaa *cough cough* whattttttttt there was no evil laughing
7/3/2014 c4 6Kyle3698
Wow Sam is really getting creepy. It is scaring how creepy he is. Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/27/2014 c3 5TheeFirstEvil
shout out to everyone facebook ruins lives i hope caine tells astrid about his powers and sam turns evil in jealousy and then the shit with the brothers happenes before the fayz
the day of the date pete could telaport astrid
just some ideas
6/27/2014 c3 6Kyle3698
Wow Sam has gone from stalker to super creepy stalker guy.
6/21/2014 c2 Kyle3698
Wow. Great chapter!i loved the backstory. Caine is going say thank you to someone?! Really. Thats so unCaine like.
6/21/2014 c2 5TheeFirstEvil
question has he got his powers yet if so another backstory on that would be quite cool
6/20/2014 c1 TheeFirstEvil
soo cute would love this story to continue can't belive u write this in such a short notise
6/20/2014 c1 6Kyle3698
Wow this was really good. I would like to see this turn into a story and see how it progress's from here.

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