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for Riding at Dawn

6/15 c1 reisova
Very good story
5/17/2020 c1 Clare
Hot fic! Love that riding crop ;)
11/4/2018 c1 10bloomandgrow
Oh, that riding crop! This was sexy and hot without being overly graphic. Fabulous!
7/12/2014 c1 33augiesannie
How did I miss reviewing this?
When it comes to the infamous RC, I am more about the idea than actually doing anything with it, but this story may change my mind. The part about making her listen? Mmm. Also I just loved the sense of playfulness between the two of them - the way she coaxes him back into bed - just so lovely. You did a great job with this!
7/7/2014 c1 24Dixie Belled
I really enjoyed reading this :)
6/21/2014 c1 Guest
Wonderfol story. Very sweet and hot. Hope you will write more soon
6/23/2014 c1 24charleybec
My, my... Maria is getting a bit adventurous isn't she? It is great that they like to have some fun together. Nice work.
6/22/2014 c1 8Mypie
You made a perfect combination of Maria being innocent, asking these questions that lead to a more lest innocent adventure for both of them!
6/22/2014 c1 2som04
Wow. Another hot one. ;) lovely work. As always.

Come back soon.

:) :)
6/21/2014 c1 58gothicbutterfly95
Love this alternate use of that crop! Hot and awesome. And just for the record, I didn't think you had these guys OOC.
6/21/2014 c1 24Mie779
phew that sure was hot... nice... and yes this is a TRUE riding crop story... we've been waiting for this... thank you for writing this... you did it with out making it "too" much... ;) nicely written...
6/21/2014 c1 34lemacd
wow. hot. naughty. i'll never be able to read a story with the words 'shaft' or 'tongue' ever again without thinking of you. wait... huh? never mind.

"take me for a ride." "make me pay attention." "you'll have to do better than that."

daaaaayum, utility. how are you ever going to go back to the fluffy stuff?

very nice read. you've raised the bar.
6/21/2014 c1 Kenz21
Well that was hot! Very well written, it was sexy and detailed without being to graphic. Loved this!
6/21/2014 c1 SevMione23
LOVED IT! Thanks, Denise...

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