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12/28/2021 c56 glowdust3
Thank you for writing this!
12/24/2021 c56 KureijiRyuu
Thanks for the good job!
11/20/2021 c56 adam110902
good story, decent ending
11/20/2021 c56 Neopolitann
good,i love this
10/4/2021 c56 1Ginny McAllister
It's been a while, so I had to re-read this.

It's good. Solid. Dramatic... no, that isn't enough. Heart-wrenching.

And then ending is, after years of reflection, extremely appropriate. Someday it would be nice to read a sequel, but if that never happens this story still stand perfectly well as it is, with Taylor and Dinah walking off into the sunset together, both scarred by their devastating losses.

(sniff). Damn fine story.
9/16/2021 c56 Alexbay218
Great work
9/5/2021 c56 AcceleratorStrongestLv5
Nice work
6/8/2021 c56 VPSale
Where's the rest of it!
5/30/2021 c8 Grimm Magician
Um... "Parlor Tricks"..? REALLY..?
Other than that, this was pretty great.
5/9/2021 c56 Ripica
Good story. Always nice to see some Accelerator fanfic. Its interesting to see how you incorporated that into the Worm universe. Nice writing on Taylor's characterization instead of just being a copy of Accelerator's , though there are similarities. Also nice on Taylor having OP powers but still has flaws, and slowly evolve in using her ability and NOT become Accelerator's level because its a different universe, instead of just BAM angel level. My only problem with the story is its pacing being a little too quick, mere days between each conflict instead of a bit more downtime. Though I guess the goal is to show her breaking psyche over the course of the story. Thanks for writing this. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
5/2/2021 c42 Visual Bliss
I don't blame her for not seeing the obvious manipulations but seriously you have to be suspicious longer then 3 seconds
5/1/2021 c26 Visual Bliss
I mean I know he is nothing but a pawn for the true fate winner contessa... Can coil just fucking die already?
5/1/2021 c5 Visual Bliss
You can fix it by actuall next time then again that is really too much to ask when you are so self righteous
4/27/2021 c56 EntotheTitotheRE
Just figured i’d drop in some words to not be a total ghost. I liked it. There was very little that could mess with taylor, which makes sense and is in the premise, so im glad you didn’t decide to throw in buffs for everyone else, as the point would’ve been kind of moot. The question of murder is an interesting one, even though its been tread over a lot by now (whe is it alright to kill someone?, basically). And taylor, the mix of action and inaction, it was interesting.

So yeah, good fic, well done good sir/female version of sir (lady?), have a good, uh, life i guess.
4/18/2021 c42 Kraizy
Should have threatened dean with the coil treatment. Only way to get people like him to shut it.
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