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7/1 c10 FrumkinPumpkin
I love how absolutely pants shittingly overpowered Accelerator is, even in the wider scope of fiction. This Taylor is going to be a lot of fun
6/20 c56 1INFUSCATE
This dude complaining about how Jack's broadcast power works is hilarious. Jack literally figured out Scion's trauma in a couple minutes, whilst inside a grey boy bubble lol. Figuring out someone's trigger event, especially one that was probably publicised like Taylor's would be child's play for him. Second of all, did he not understand that the false memories were clearly from the upgraded Cherish? Lmao.

I get arguing in the comments ain't the best use of my time, but it pisses me off when a reader calls something "poorly written" when he just doesn't understand what's going on.
6/11 c56 2CMVreud
And, really? You chose Colin to be the therapy man?
And someone finally got that girl a real shrink? (Even if it not amounted to much due to dick measuring politics)
Okay, this last chapter is up to your old form again.
6/11 c55 CMVreud
The last third?quart of the chapter before and this one are decent again, not really fine, but decent.

Althought that going ape for Colin... , meh.
6/11 c54 CMVreud
You're not at all the hero you've tried to paint yourself as, are you?"

"Once we're done, you'll be as you should."
My eyes snapped open at the words. Now became then and I remembered…
That's not how Jacks power works. That's not how any of that works.
6/11 c53 CMVreud
Why is it that every time somebody uses the S9 the protagonists get horror-movie levels of deduction, or intelligence?
I mean LITERALLY the chapter before, not even a hour she told Armsmaster who the S0 were and then not connecting the dots when the little tweep that should be afraid af or at least emotional about the paintbomb that was Crawler exploding...

FER FUCKS SAKE! Had I known that the last chapters were as poorly written as this here, I could've saved me time and hype.

And really, Jack has broadcaster, not Lisas power nor is he a precog. Where tf does he know her Trigger?
6/11 c52 CMVreud
Okay, sorry, but this is bad.
6/11 c51 CMVreud
Sorry for the *eyeroll*, but somehow I think Jack and his merry band of murderhobos is getting boring.
6/11 c45 CMVreud
Ah, shit. I remembered the fucking S9.
6/11 c40 CMVreud
"Whaa~?" is a good description of the blundertwins.
6/11 c35 CMVreud
Huh, so she gets two sisters.
6/11 c26 CMVreud
Wait. Rain?
When tf is Taylor?
6/11 c25 CMVreud
Where tf is Taylor?
6/11 c23 CMVreud
Classic Coil.
6/11 c22 CMVreud
I kicked a piece of rubble into the air and it hit Chubster in the stomach, bending him double as he gasped for air. A step, and the ground erupted beneath the beetle armor, turning it onto its back.

Earthbending!? You... Taylor... ...Earthbending?
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