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1/9/2019 c33 bavalos
I always hated the Travelers. Yeah they got yoinked by Ziz, but they immediately decided to be cunts and be villains. Plus Francis there kept switching people as his endbringer freak of a girlfriend continued to eat, clone, and endanger thousands. I understand you love someone, but sometimes fucked shut happens and people need to be put down. Especially since they were now all public and everything they did was visible
1/9/2019 c31 bavalos
Fucks up/yeets an Endbringer, continues path of vengence. Nice
1/9/2019 c24 bavalos
Lisa. You dumb cunt. I understand she's under his thumb, but she's just th king over everyone by giving info out. If I was Taylor and found out, I'd push the top half of TT in multiple directions while her bottom half is going in opposite directions
1/9/2019 c22 bavalos
1/9/2019 c16 bavalos
Weird that the wards gave up their identities that easily
1/9/2019 c12 bavalos
Coil is fucked
1/9/2019 c5 bavalos
I have to fix this...by searching for her and invading her life.
1/9/2019 c4 bavalos
Love the nonchalance lol
1/9/2019 c3 bavalos
Armsmaster is always s D hole
1/9/2019 c2 bavalos
Wow. You'd think people would leave her alone after that
1/9/2019 c1 bavalos
OP IS OP. Dig it
1/1/2019 c56 Caincrux
Wow, its like reading Tagg all over again. Escalation over escalation over escalation. Like an emo junkie's me vs world daydream
1/1/2019 c53 Caincrux
Wow, jack upped Jack's power huh.
1/1/2019 c42 Caincrux
Seducing her with wards? Lol funny bullshit
1/1/2019 c37 Caincrux
If they use Tagg then anyone they send would die regardless of intent.
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