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1/22/2018 c15 Simianpower
Every single Worm fanfic I've ever read overuses Coil. Every. Damned. One. Sure, he's an interesting bad guy, but he's not THAT interesting. If this whole hundred-thousand word story turns out to be about Coil pursuing Dinah, I'm going to become bored really quickly.

One of the good things about Worm canon is that there were lots of storylines going on at once, and by the time one of them started going stale there were four more. The gang war... got boring, but Leviathan. Then the Slaughterhouse Nine before the Leviathan aftermath got boring. By that point Coil was almost an afterthought, just a background obsession of Tattletale and Skitter. There was so much else going on. I just don't get why fanfiction makes Coil out to be the only thing that matters, and I really, REALLY hope that this story can break that trend. I guess we'll see...
1/22/2018 c9 Simianpower
Uhh, maybe I'm missing something, but Coil IS Calvert. He can pick between two timelines, but not be in two places at once within the same timeline. If he was actually arrested and taken away, then he wouldn't also be at the PRT as a consultant at the same time. And if he wasn't arrested, if that timeline didn't happen, then Taylor and Dinah didn't meet and there was no NEED for Calvert to show up with the medics. Because I'm not going to believe that he did get arrested, instantly escaped, teleported to the PRT in time to change into his Calvert persona, and get assigned to the medic crew. Just... no. Maybe this is some authorial fiat change "Tee-hee, I changed canon", but that's a pretty bad thing to do in fanfiction without explanation. Or there's some imposter-Coil action going on, but for something as important as capturing Dinah he would have gone himself. His ego would demand it. I'm not too happy with this chapter, no matter how well the rest of the story has gone so far.
1/10/2018 c56 Thermidor606
This was a wonderful experience to read.
12/29/2017 c56 deadal
it is complete? the empty feel a bit too open to be definitive, congratulation for an awesome fic!
12/24/2017 c56 creativesm75
12/23/2017 c56 13Steve2
Wow. This was one heck of a story. I enjoyed it very much. Thank you for writing. I checked your page and you do not have a sequel to this. Will you be writing one? I hope you would as this was a very fun read.

If you don't have a sequel in mind, do you mind if i take a stab on it using your story as a starting point?

Great job!

12/1/2017 c38 LordXeenTheGreat
ANother great ending
12/1/2017 c37 LordXeenTheGreat
Great POV
12/1/2017 c36 LordXeenTheGreat
Nice interlude
12/1/2017 c35 LordXeenTheGreat
Great chapter!...
12/1/2017 c34 LordXeenTheGreat
GO taylor!...
12/1/2017 c33 LordXeenTheGreat
Battle time!
12/1/2017 c32 LordXeenTheGreat
Love the chapter!
12/1/2017 c31 LordXeenTheGreat
she just shot the leviathan into the sky and was like 'meh'
12/1/2017 c30 LordXeenTheGreat
Go Taylor!
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