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for When Bat Met Beast

5/28/2017 c4 14MacMan3679
No, because when she left Gotham, she changed her destiny. So, the events of the Killing Joke won't occur.
6/11/2016 c7 LeMarX
Damn really dont want killing joke to happen here.

Unless ..gar could persuade raven could heal her. Hence repairing the broken bridge.

It was kinda OC for raven to say that bb.

But maybe it because she was trying to keep her secret crush a secret

And garfield could save the commissioner .

Will garfield grew a tail?

Will he go with a new name, e.g. Beast Man / Changeling?

Will te doom patrol call in.

Staying tune
12/20/2015 c7 NoOne
Update please or remake it
7/2/2015 c7 1EliteShadow
cool story love it update more soon!
6/8/2015 c7 12HorsemanOTA
Loved it that little spot of jealousy at the beginning was funny to read thanks for the update looking forward to reading more when you get the chance.
Later Daze
5/25/2015 c7 story guy
Love it keep it up, love the plot and wonderif barbra will get pregnant later on, not trying to be weird but it be interesting.
5/25/2015 c7 41JP-Ryder
Awesome, glad to see this story resurfaced after a year or so.

Oh Robin, you don't have the control of other people's actions, you did this to yourself, boy blunder.

What will Star think when she learns that Rob's still got a thing for Babs? I can see it now, Robin beaten to a pulp and gets heart broken, then starts dating either Red-X, Speedy, or depends on who appears in the story.

Great chapter as always, dude.
3/6/2015 c4 2Manimal
Ultimately, it's your choice, but I hope you won't paralyze her. At least not permanently. Maybe you can go the new 52 way and make in temporary, but like 6 months or a year instead of 3 years.
3/4/2015 c6 Manimal
I really do like this story so I hope you won't abandon it. Please update, pretty please with a cherry on top?
1/27/2015 c6 Guest
Awesome wanted a Beast boy/Batgirl PLZ
1/3/2015 c6 Guest
Really like this one
11/2/2014 c6 SaintMichael95
I really like this fic. I have never read a BB/Batgirl shipping and so far I really like it!
11/2/2014 c4 SaintMichael95
I would higly prefer that Babs was NOT shot and paralyzed at the end... Just my thoughts...
9/22/2014 c6 41JP-Ryder
Star's such a good big sister for BB. Robin you little bitch take a hint already!

Nice chapter, dude.
9/22/2014 c6 17duskrider
Nice bonding for them
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