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10/2/2016 c3 TacticianLyra
These are all really good. I have a suggestion, since it was mentioned in the novel: if Cherno Alpha was the one designated to carry the nuke instead of Striker Eureka.
7/9/2014 c3 knightphoenix2
Great story! Nice to know, that in some ways, things end up the same!

Especially if they're happy endings! ;)

More, please!
6/30/2014 c2 knightphoenix2
Great story! Thanks for letting Cherno Alpha kick some tail! And getting it and Crimson Typhoon to the Breach! Not to mention, saving the Marshal ... Poor Herc and Chuck, though.

But, at least, they were together at the end!

And maybe, just maybe, this Stacker Pentecost will learn to trust his subordinates' judgement in battle!

Keep up the great work, please!
6/22/2014 c1 EmmBjay
Great piece! I love the concept of interpreting events from a reversed point of view particularly the aftermath of Chuck trying to somehow process the loss of his father.
6/22/2014 c1 knightphoenix2
What a sad, yet heartening story! Sad that it took Herc's death to FINALLY give Chuck a wake-up call, and make him realize that he still had friends.

One thing, though, who did Stacker appoint as Acting Marshal? The only choice I could see would be Tendo Choi, since he was the last one left from that nasty last conference with the UN ...

More "What If?" stories, please! I'd especially would have liked to see what might have happened if Yancy had been found alive and well, either after Knifehead, or after Pitfall?

Or, if the first Drift between Raleigh and Mako had been held under proper conditions, like in a lab, and not in Jaeger with live weapons?

Or, if the PPDC had realized that Knifehead was a new type of monster, specifically designed to fight Jaegers; and upgraded the Jaegers, rather than on scapegoating pilots, and building an ultimately useless Wall?

Or, if Newt had taken care that the kaiju brain he first drifted with couldn't transmit anything back?

Or, whatever else you feel like, please!

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