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for Angels and Demons

3/9/2015 c9 12bluedayssilvernights
I loved this chapter even if it was a bit short! Hope you update soon!
1/4/2015 c8 1AncientSTORM
I think this is a really nice story and it seems like you put in a lot of thought into making these characters come to life. What ever your doing it is working!
8/8/2014 c7 xmrspadfootx
This is a original idea and its really good so far! :)
8/8/2014 c7 6Kyle3698
I picture the neutral zone as a barren landscape with the occasional giant rock.

Good chapter I can't wait for the next one.
7/30/2014 c1 5Catfish22
This is really good! I like the idea aswell :)
7/21/2014 c6 6Kyle3698
Oh. So Caine could actually change to white! It's getting really interesting now. Can't wait for next chapter!
7/16/2014 c5 5TheeFirstEvil
I need more sam angry
7/3/2014 c4 TheeFirstEvil
yea I hope there is goin to be a tourchering sence in the next chap but since there the good guys I'm guessing that wouldn't happen unless what I said turns out to be true
7/2/2014 c4 6Kyle3698
Great chapter. I loved the fight between Sam and Caine. I think it is cool they don't have their powers to fight with.
6/27/2014 c3 5TheeFirstEvil
theres something about this red knife a mistery of sorts and i like it
kill him i wonder if there was a misinterpretion on caines part reply to hear what im thinking
6/27/2014 c3 6Kyle3698
Great chapter I loved it. I secretly want Caine to nearly kill him. Not kill him tho.
6/22/2014 c2 16Just Anny
It's either Caine or Drake, but I'm betting on Caine (since everyone's already betting on Drake and I want to be a hipster).

I liked this chapter :) If I could give you a tip; I would make the chapters longer if I were you. In that case, you will obviously take longer to update, but you'll also be able to take a good look at what you're writing. It will also seem more like a full story, instead of just small bits of one... Believe me when I say this, the more you write, the more you'll improve ;)

I've been thinking about the concept about people being divided into two categories: good and evil. Wouldn't the 'good' people look down upon the 'evil' ones, saying that they're better? Imagine someone being 'chosen' to be 'evil', forever casted to be in a single category. To be looked down at, to be called a monster, to be isolated. While they've never done something wrong. That someone would seek for justice and do evil things to say: "so what?!"
And the 'good' people would be proven right and everything will start all over again. Maybe it's time for someone like Diana, who has been both categories, to change this circle..

Think about it, it's just an idea ;)
6/22/2014 c2 5TheeFirstEvil
ok question have sam and astrid you know did it yet cause if not sam gets pretty mean and a little evil *evil laughter* hint hint
it is tots drake
6/22/2014 c2 6Kyle3698
Great chapter. This is a really interesting story. Can't wait for the next one. He is either Caine or Drake. I think its drake tho.
6/22/2014 c1 1gaia ladris-soren
This is a interesting story! Can't wait to see where it goes!
As a side note: This would be a bit easier to read if you corrected some grammar mistakes, I would work on that in the next chapter.
Can't wait for more!
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