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for Choosing to Leave

2/28/2019 c3 EchoMoment
So if Erik picked a time to go see her when Charles isn’t there and she knows this then why is she going to charles for help when he’s clearly gonna be against her meeting Erik?
8/15/2017 c29 Guest
Then the movie LOGAN happened and F'ed up everything
7/10/2017 c7 joan
So he tells her he is superior to humans. And he had thought up until a few months before that she was human. So he had thought himself superior to her. And she's completely okay with that. She knows he is just like the Nazis he escaped from, that he feels another species is inferior to him, that he has no problem killing people. Add to all that the suffering he had caused her himself and the way he affected Raven. It seems very unlikely that Raven was such a great older sister and then left without a word. So - all that - and the girl just goes into his arms. She knows he didn't really want her as a human. She knows he is an equivalent of a racist serial killer.
Come on.

Where is Charles' bitterness as concerns Eric's actions?

Hank seems himself, nice and helpful, genius and hardworking.
7/18/2015 c2 1scipio96
Oooh, now this is getting interesting. I had this slight hope that she hadn't died because somehow Erik stopped the knife from cutting her, but that was quickly refuted. The time skip between this chapter and the previous is huge. thought the story was going to start from the beginning of the movie and follow that sequence of events.
9/28/2014 c1 111ZabuzasGirl
Update immediately, please!
7/1/2014 c29 6PrettyKittyPryde
What if you did a sequel that had Charissa fall in love with Logan since she barely ages like him. They could keep each other company and stuff. That would be so cool! Anyways I Loved your story it was great!
6/30/2014 c29 Cindy-shan
Oh God! I loved it! It's a perfect ending! Seriously!
Aw, but now it ended, what am I suppose to do now? D:
I liked the idea of a AU with Charissa! When is it coming? :D
Hahaha okay, I'll wait patiently!
See ya! (Soon, I hope!)
6/28/2014 c26 Cindy-shan
Oh snap.
I don't know about you, but I know that when one of them leaves, something bad happen.
I wonder if those two will find a way to end up together.
And, while I wonder, I wait! Haha
'Till next chapter!
6/26/2014 c21 Cindy-shan
That was awesome! If I thought the plot thicker was before, wow how I was mistaken! Hahaha
That's what I call a plot twist!
Seriously, well done!
6/25/2014 c14 Cindy-shan
The plot thickens! Dun dun duun Why do I have the feeling Charles knows something about Erik's plan that Erik himself didn't tell Charissa? Bad Erik!
Oooh I want to know mooore! Hahaha I'm really enjoying the way this story is taking! Very interesting, and how living in the homebase is. It all makes good sense!
So, that's it!
See ya!
6/24/2014 c10 Cindy-shan
New reader here! :D
And I'm really enjoying the story so far! I really liked Charissa, and all her relationship with Erik.
I'm looking forward for the next chapters and you can rest assured that I'll keep reading! :D
See ya!
6/23/2014 c4 Chaz
Really enjoying your story so far keep the updates coming, can't wait for Erik to come into it

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