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for At the Edge of Silence

3/21 c21 Astrakelly
Can't believe you updated this, honestly didn't think it would be. Just kind of re-found this by mistake. I am so happy to see you back, hope all is going well and hope you continue to update this story
3/17 c21 1Ace of Spies
I dunno what you mean lol this story is literally amazing. Honestly so excited and hope you finish it off
3/16 c21 61superlc529
I really felt for Amy there at the Empire State Building when she spotted the Statue of Liberty. That's a memory I'm sure she didn't want to re-live. So, are Carrick's eyes sort of like a Demon's? The black, I mean. Just trying to remember the visual for him. ;)

Oh, Doctor, just try and stop Amy Pond from trying to help you. I was really glad to see another update to this story. :) Just so you know, I know you said that you are in the process of re-editing, but there was a typo that made me re-read... I think you just meant 'the mast' and accidentally typed 'the master' - for a split second, I thought there was a plot twist in there somewhere. ;)

This episode is really making head-way. Great job! I hope school goes well for you! So glad to hear you've found some of your old notes. Keep up the great work when you can! :)
3/16 c21 24thedarkpokemaster
Ohh, we are learning so more, and Amy is right the Doctor needs someone by his side.
3/16 c21 PlantyPie
Yayyyyy there's more! I love still how clever this series is and how well Amy just slots into everything. Doesn't seem like it's been 5 years! Better late then never. Whatever you decide..carry on or leave it after the chapters you have to upload definitely be proud of this work!
3/16 c21 minerbuilder12
I love the return!
Excited to hear you might be continuing!
Good luck with school and that internship though!
3/16 c21 elliellie1
This is insane that you’ve started it back up again! Mega happy you have tho, whether you feel up to finishing it or not, it’s nice to have a few new chapters. Hope life is treating you well
3/8 c20 thedarkpokemaster
Damn, I am happy to see this back after so long but I wonder what will happen since Amy wants to help stop what happens to some people thanks to what they Darleks do.
3/8 c20 1Ace of Spies
So as a big fan of this story, do you recommend I just go ahead and take it off my alert list since ur not gonna finish it?
3/8 c20 61superlc529
To say I was astounded when I got a notification that this story had been updated is an understatement. Nearly 5 years. Wow.

I still love how you managed to weave Amy into the plots/stories of past seasons. It's nice to know that there are some more chapters to come. I do hope that you do eventually finish this story - even after falling out of love with Doctor Who. Just think of the accomplishment after finishing this unique storyline/series. ;) :)

Amy's thoughts about her interaction with the Daleks and the connection to the Dalek-Human hybrid and Oswin was very clever. Yay for an update! Until next time.
3/2 c19 minerbuilder12
I love going back to re read this
It’s been a few years since an update so I’m not sure if this’ll ever get finished but honestly what you’ve done so far is awesome and you should be proud!
8/19/2020 c19 Astrakelly
hi hope all is well, would love an update whenever, if you have any more chapters written.
5/3/2020 c9 Psychodelicpilgrim
I've loved these stories, and binged them in the last week or so. It's a shame that this one isn't finished, and I've added it to my alert list should you ever come back to it.
4/14/2020 c19 4Opalalchemy
I just remembered this story and thought I’d let you know that I greatly enjoy and appreciate it. Stay safe and take care of yourself. ~ Opal
1/26/2020 c1 AmarisMoonchild426
Oh I love this series so much! It's one of the best Doctor Who fanfics I've ever read. Please continue it, I want to see how it ends.
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