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for Children of the Valar

12/24/2021 c3 fanfic rater 5
so far this has been a soild five and that quote at the end of chapter 2 cracks me up evrytime
12/6/2021 c8 Bridget98
Could you let us know when they will start posting?
10/10/2020 c7 Black reaper of darkness
please continue
9/7/2020 c7 Guest
Please continue! I hope Thalia yells at nico.
5/19/2020 c7 PJOYAS
Update? It's very good.
5/14/2020 c7 cjennhidajat
especially this partI bow to no man"
Thank you for you hard work so far!
12/7/2019 c7 Bridget98
I love this story and really hope you continue it soon.
12/4/2019 c7 WhatHappenedToTheWifi
This is absolutely awesome! I hope you can update it, or put it up for adoption if you can't. I really want to see where this goes.
11/2/2019 c3 Daisy
7/22/2019 c7 no name
Please review, I am loving this story!
6/4/2019 c7 KyokoTsugura
Wow, what an amazing story! I know the chances of an update are slim to none but if by any chance you were to see this, please consider completing it. Or if it is too much of a hassle then perhaps you can put it up for adoption. I’d hate to see such a creative story forever incomplete. :(
1/2/2019 c7 6BleckBlah5956
Love this so much! Please say you will update this fic soon! Well-Written and I can hardly wait til their reunion!
12/18/2018 c7 4Huntress55
I love this story so far! I can’t wait till you update but no rush!
10/2/2018 c7 Jacqui
9/18/2018 c1 Bridget98
Please please update this
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