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5/16/2015 c20 12jakey121
Babe :33

This might be the first time I've seen a new Victor laugh as they're being taken out of the Arena. I love it. It fits Eidra's personality, the journey she's had, and how coming out of this she's still the same person, but as she stated, a survivor and she's ready for the future. It shows strength and it shows she has determination to not fall apart despite everything she's been through.

My baby can hold on strong ;*

Preferred victor?: Not the one that actually won. The fuck you make this decision for?

jk. Kinton if you mean out of everyone. If you mean out of the finale, aside from Eidra, I'd say Shael!

Favourite chapter?: The finale for obvious reasons. Bloodbath because I love bloodbaths. The Tethys/Kinton chapter where they both died and Shael fled. Anything with Juno/Brux, and the chapters where Merritt was trying to control the Careers during the Capitol.

Overall thoughts: This is the first story I submitted that belonged to you, and yeah, my tribute won and I'm happy and I love your writing and LOVE your arena even if you stole my idea and had to make me work to think up something else. Love. That's my overall thought.

I'll miss this story ;*
5/3/2015 c19 1Clove'sAllies
Damn! I liked the threeway ending more than the one in ASitD with the way that they all covered the same expanse of time 3 times over. I wanted Shael to win but I can see why Eidra did. That being said I don't know how she'll do as a victor as I feel like she's mostly the same as the beginning of the story, a bit more war torn but mostly the same. I do hope that she develops a bit more but will still be the somewhat fun girl we've come to like when she mentors her other tributes. Overall favorite tribute would have to be...idk probably Aria or Juno. I really wanted Aria to win I think. Hope you post an epilogue soon for this story I love the explanations of each tributes family!
5/3/2015 c18 Clove'sAllies
Damn what a crazy chapter! My only with this one again is pacing, having so many tributes die that quickly is fine but we've gone through these games in about 3 days? or 4. But besides that critique time to go over all the deaths!
Kinton: I grew to love Kinton and Haven's interaction and I did hope that in the last chapter it was Tethys who was stabbed and not Kinton. Kinton was so close too to wiping out Shael and Tethys and making it to the final but I guess he couldn't do it.
Tethys: Never really a fan of Tethys so not to worried about him being here. Glad he got Shael to put him out of his mercy one last time.
Maya: I really liked Maya, she was really original in terms of her story and her habits. She was someone of the final 8 I wished would one so I'm sad to see her here.
Braxton: The last of the little kid alliance, and from his allies dying in the Bloodbath who would have known he would have gone all the way to 5th Place. I liked Braxton he was kinda like the little engine who could.
Juno: NOOOO! My hope is dead, that being said based on her development she really didn't deserve to win anymore, she lost her Juno-ness as all of the chapter progressed and well I think Eidra killed her a bit too suddenly, she wouldn't have lasted any longer.

For Victor I guess my order right now is Shael, Eidra, and Brux. But we'll see what happens next chapter. I can't believe I got through the whole arena in one day.
5/3/2015 c17 Clove'sAllies
This was the first chapter where I actually appreciated Brux more than in the past and like his relationship with Juno a lot. I'm actually really glad the two of them ended up together when the careers split.
Ellika: She's pretty neutral to me at her time of death. I can't believe that her death was from the Griff look-a-like. I totally thought she would have died from another tribute and not the reincarnations but I guess she just gave up. :(
Haven: Nooo, Haven was my favorite of her and Kinton and between them and the alliance they collided with I liked her equally with Shael so that's a bit upsetting. She was tough and will be missed a lot.

5/3/2015 c16 Clove'sAllies
Ok. So I liked how you only explained their back story in the games when they finally meet for their battle. I feel like Carisa's character development is weird here. After hating Soren for year's she suddenly has this moral epiphany and kills herself. Idk, I think it would have been cooler if Soren had killed her so they could be together but she had still died mad at him. As for the anthem I'm pretty sure Halcyon appeared last night as well. Also, I'm a fan of how you're doing the deaths but I don't like how it's been two days and like everyone is dead. I feel like these games are only gonna last 3 days which is soooo short compared to the normal 2 weeks the games last. So close to then end?
5/3/2015 c15 Clove'sAllies
GAHHH I hate Carisa so much. I hope that bitch dies. I also understand why Eidra would have sided with her as that's her temporary alliance but I still think that it was a shitty move to throw the first punch and I can't wait for Carisa to die. As for Juno being afraid, that's not a side I would have ever seen for here, I also think it's funny how two trained careers(well one trained and one skilled) couldn't take down dolls when younger tributes from outer districts took them down much easier. I don't know what I think about the tribute mutts. I like the idea but I don't like that in Braxton's version they are pretty strong and he barely took one down. That being said I liked this chapter and how you're pacing the story.
Merritt: God Damnit! My favorite guy and probably favorite career up there with Juno. It's too bad that he had to die especially being betrayed like that.
Aria: Uhhhhh, one of my favorites, she was adorable and the way she explored her arena was something really beautiful. I'll miss her POV in the arena.
5/3/2015 c14 Clove'sAllies
Even though Cayley fled I still love the alliance that the four of them made to take out the dolls. I also really like how you made the Doll mutts intimidating but they can only kill in groups so they are beatable and not invincible in the slightest.
As for the careers I love that they are all tired of Carisa and the Juno Eidra back alliance to bring her down. It seems like her time will come soon and none of the other careers will be helping her.
Awwwww so many deaths in the second half of the chapter:
Cayley: There alliance was so helpless in terms of how they couldn't do anything. I did like her though and thought we was a good ally to Aria. That being said I'm glad that Aria was the one to survive the battle.
Maysa: I would have never thought that they would run straight into the careers and even less that Aria would get away while Maysa would be slaughtered so quickly. I did like Maysa and I liked her rebellious streak all during training, she'll be missed.
Wraith: Wow Wraith was one of the 4 careers I liked and I didn't think he was that unskilled that he would have fallen to Maya that easily. I do think it's very believable the careers wouldn't give chase because they're so shocked by their ally. I will miss Wraith but I'm excited to see how the careers react to their first loss.
5/3/2015 c13 Clove'sAllies
D1: What a slap in the face to Soren, your ally leaves you to join your enemy.
D6: I think one of the funniest things is how none of the careers even stopped to help Halcyon but all rushed by him to chase Soren. That's the shitty thing about switching alliances I guess is that your new allies really don't care at all about you.
D12: Glad to see they purposely ditched Kiera rather then it being a spur of the moment thing.
D3: I'm glad Ellika is alone and I'm glad that she actually has gone close to Griff in terms of as an alliance.
D8: Would not have anticipated an alliance between these two groups but I feel like Cayley would be more open to it seeing as they're both from the same district. I hope the four of them do align together.
5/3/2015 c12 Clove'sAllies

Cole: I feel like because he repeat he ended up with no allies, which is fine I can't say that I would have done anything different, but it made his death a bit predictable, he wasn't really going anywhere, he was just kind of there.
Aspen: Same thing with Aspen as with Cole as to why she didn't make more allies. I did like her personality though and wish that she could have gone farther if only ot prove Brux wrong.
Griff: He's my tribute and I'm not surprised at all here. He was almost always going to be a bloodbath but I hope you had fun writing him and I think he entertained people for better or for worse during his time before the games.
Cade: Poor Cade, I thought once Griff died that the other two would get away. I'm really not sure how this will affect Braxton in the arena though.
Ezra: Not really too surprised either, he was a bit of a flip flop of a tribute and went back and forth on his emotions. I do think that well this will not help Maya and Maysa it makes them a stronger alliance because Ezra was definitely the weak link.
Kiera: Curiosity got the cat killed her huh. Not to upset here about her dying, her demons got a bit annoying by the end and I'm glad to see she's gone.

Now that Haclyon has gone career I think Soren will die soon as well as someone in the pack since there is now 7 of them.
5/3/2015 c11 Clove'sAllies
D9: Kinda makes Maysa come off as crazy there, she's just a bit too yelly and bit two annoying about changing her opinion so much.
D11: I LOVED that you did the odds bored, it's one of my favorite things when authors put it in there stories because it really emphasizes the betting nature of the games and where all the tributes are expected to place. Great POV.
D7: Such terrible mentors, these two are honestly pretty annoying how they're so useless to their tributes. I hope Aspen manages to pay Brux back at some point but I'm not to sure about her with no allies.
D8: God Merritt is such a D-bag, I really liked Velvet and I hope one of these two do win if nothing more then to bring hope to their mentors.
D1: I would actually like if this was a facade and Soren did kill Cary but sadly that's not the case here. Good for Haven although I wouldn't do that. I was also surprised the Ellika didn't say anything, very unlike her.
D3: Didn't think Griff had it in him to have such a serious thought about how people only win because of luck and instinct. Good for him.
D10: I liked the bit about how they ushered tributes to their room but it seemed a little bit too unrealistic for me, I wish they hadn't been hooded or eyes covered, I don't know just seemed a bit weird.
D2: Between the outfit and the arena descriptions so far, I don't know what to make of this arena yet, and am pretty interested into how you flush out the idea of the dollhouse. Poor Wraith though having a mentor whose the least beast helpful.

AHHH the bloodbath next! So excited!
5/3/2015 c10 Clove'sAllies
Interview Review Time! I liked the format of the interviews particularly with Tess starting them off. They were fun to read and a lot of what I expected but still very fun. I did like some of the controversial moments with the tributes.

Can't wait to go to the arena!
5/3/2015 c8 Clove'sAllies
D5: Wow, well I'm glad for Ezra for standing up for himself and not being a background character anymore he might have overshot it a bit.
D4: Loved the continuity at the start, also loved the bit when Juno went around and observed each alliance and what they were doing. Really liked this section, good job.
D2: This was the first time I've actually really liked Eidra, I love the optimistic, boundless energy she has and I love the idea that she feels brought down and will break free of the others. I also loved the metaphor of there's no gray, only black and white.
D6: Good training session, him and Aria are really cute district partners, I do hope that they somehow meet up in the arena
D11: I'm happy that they at least have an alliance! Hopefully Keira's poison skills can get her an at least decent score at the end of the day.
D12: That unstable list is pretty funny, as well as the bit about how it can't have been Kiera who throw up. Gotta love Grey's mentoring style though.
D3: Gotta love how one tribute was happy about a 3 and one was extremely disappointed. Ellika will still do better than Griff though which is the most ironic part of the scores.
D9: Liked seeing all the other scores, nothing too surprising or interesting though, pretty much what I expected.

On to the interviews!
5/2/2015 c7 Clove'sAllies
D12: My favorite thing about these two is there past relationship, as in Kinton seeing Haven in the slums and remembering her later. I think it provides a cool rags and riches relationship.
D7: Brux, so mean to Aspen, poor girl. I feel like the career girls will destroy him, and not let him into the alliance at all.
D6: Aria and Cayley are cute and definitely a fun alliance. That being said they aren't really that strong of an alliance.
D4: Always the career pack arguing, a pretty interesting group of people. Glad to see there alliance is coming together.
D10: Oh, this alliance is so cute yet there chances of making it very far are probably not that high in the grand scheme of things.
D8: Cayley has so many demons. Between her and Kiera they both seem to have the tributes ready to go crazy market covered.
D1: This districts relationships are so crazy, between the two of them I don't even know what will happen when they meet in the arena, probably get Soren killed by Carisa. I liked that you made up how they practice for the interviews never thought of that.
D5: Damn Maya, hope she gets to use her sneaking and thievery skills in the arena. It would be cool to see a bit of that ability.

Almost at interviews and then the arena!
4/29/2015 c6 Clove'sAllies
D3: Oh Griff, so adorable and so clueless. You got his scatterbrainedness exactly right and it's definitely what I wanted to hear from him. I love the way his alliance was formed but I still don't know how well he'll do in the games.
D8: Such a funny alliance, it's like they're each trying to outdo the other with regard to how they interact with each other and who can manipulate the other more.
D9: This alliance on the other hand is leaning towards dysfunction and falling apart. It feels like Maysa hates both her allies which makes me curious how well she will do in the arena with them and if she will stay with them.
D2: Nothing too crazy here, but I liked the analysis of Eidra's and Carisa's friendship and how they act around each other and tell everyone else.
D11: Oh Kiera, she really has a lot to work out. Cole doesn't seem that interesting though in terms of anything so far.
D7: Well Aspen is small I think it's funny how she says older tributes because she's 18. I hope she can show a better showing then she says she will and won't be another bloodbath.
D1: Wow, that was a lot, very powerful, I don't know what to think, this is one of those situations where I'm mad at them both individually but I'm especially kind of like, Soren, why would you volunteer. He wasn't even the volunteer but you had to get close up with the girl who hates you.
D10: Poor Shael, I liked the way her mentor was softer to her though.

Great chapter as always, can't wait to read more!
4/26/2015 c5 Clove'sAllies
D3: So Ellika has crazy anger issues? Damn I wouldn't have called that she had that many anger problems. I hope she does get allies so that she can actually scare them away during the games.
D9: Look at that alliance. I think it's a bit weird that Braxton almost sounds like he's taking advantage of Cade but in reality they are both just younger tributes who will probably die early on.
D11: Kiera is definitely one of my favorite tributes, she sounds like she has quite the backstory but her poison skills were pretty interesting, I really hope that she gets to poison someone in the arena.
D5: First alliance scuffle? Pretty funny to watch, not sure how competent this group is though.
D2: Damn all the power plays that those two girls are making. Definitely like the careers this year interesting personalities all around.
D12: Both tributes aren't the most of interesting of tributes. Pretty normal POV to be honest.
D4: Loved this one, loved how Juno feels like outsider and the trident bit was so cool to read. Also, I enjoyed the bit about Carisa's lost baby.
D6: I wouldn't have expected Halcyon to be this rude or cocky even if it is the rejected career, he's still a career. Don't know if i would expect these two to actually ally since Halcyon was pretty rude.

Can't wait to read more!
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