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for Tear You Apart

10/8/2015 c1 50Shadow Seraphim
I...have no words...just...please write more. I...I loved this.
8/10/2015 c1 NosebludGeyser
I must've died and gone to yaoi heaven because holy shit this exists 00 I love it...
3/26/2015 c1 SheepySleepy-dono
This is a lot. I'm just sitting here gasping, and drooling over these scenes, because I just couldn't get enough of it! Great work! (I couldn't stop screaming and jumping till I died in a pool of blood.)
2/24/2015 c1 13Semjaza
Wow... This was crazy! Great job!
1/8/2015 c1 Guest
Truly amazing plz write more XD
12/24/2014 c1 5Mizuki 8D
11/15/2014 c1 Guest
Dude, hottest fic ever.
10/7/2014 c1 140InsaneAndHappyAboutIt
Awesome! It may be the hottest fiction i read this week and considering how much fiction i read, that says something... XD
9/9/2014 c1 26SLYSWN
8/21/2014 c1 Labradoodle4ever
loved it, didn't mind any of the porn:P
7/10/2014 c1 2Lelu Kitakaze
x.x Omg I have to say that was hot as hell...glad I read this, insta fave XD
7/3/2014 c1 SannyLim
Do I need to say much? This fanfic is as hot as LAVA!
Oh fuck, it had truly been awhile since I read some hot fanfic like this *grabbing another tissue to wipe blood from my nose*
Fucking hell this is hot, all smexy and full of hot lemons I like it :3
Keep up the good work
7/2/2014 c1 3AwesomelyWitchy
Waaa...I can't get my nose to stop bleeding! .
6/29/2014 c1 LissyGudiya
This is very beautiful work. I love it.
6/28/2014 c1 2Nox Gold
Loved it.
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