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for Of the Return of the Elves

8/7/2014 c1 CatLady4
Ah, twelve years later. I'm curious, do you still think it sucks? According to your bio you were in your early teens. I must say, I would never have been able to write anything nearly as coherent. A very nice tale...Thank you
11/4/2002 c1 114shirebound
This is brilliant. I enjoyed every word.

(BTW, there's no need to start any piece of fan fiction with "I think it sucks" or "I had to write it..." Let the readers evaluate it for themselves, and let you know their thoughts. I think you are underestimating your writing abilities, but don't let it keep you from continuing to share gems like this with us!)
11/4/2002 c1 5Sierra Nicole
Wow this is neat, and I get to be the first review! I hope this isn't the end, because you've got such a great start here. And I love that you're writing something Tolkien never really talked about, so it's more original than most fafiction here. Again, very nicely done.

Please let me know what you think of my LoTR fic.

11/4/2002 c1 23L. Byron
one of the best stories i have come across, a very interesting silmarillon based story, i hope you will write more

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