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for Elf Warrior Yrrah and the Ancient Prophecy

9/20 c16 Tracey Sharpe
Hi Flora
I can't believe that you've been forced to come to this decision.
I've read and reread many of your stories several times. My personal favourites are Thunderbirds and I love the way you portray the angst and associated difficulties involved.
I hope that you someday find yourself able to share your wonderful imagination with all of us again.
I'm feeling a little lost as I can imagine all sorts of continuations for some of your stories but I don't have the ability to translate the ideas into an acceptable tale (my current attempt is at an impasse, I can see the scenes but I can't translate them)

Good luck with everything and remember that you are a far better writer than most of us
9/18 c16 1lilashannah
oh you've got to be kidding. you can't let creeps take your writing away. the only reason they are flaming you is they are jealous. You're Hermione and they are Ron.
you story is light and fun and totally enjoyable.
9/18 c16 3lrmorena
Okbthat could happe. What is her user name?
9/17 c15 Ray R G
Hello Flora

I have been reading HP Fanfiction on this site for many years, it is how I relax after a hard day of work and I have lost track of how many stories I have read here for they number in the thousands. Therefore it is with certainty that I state that you have a very interesting story line and a very unique method of time travel and the lessons and magic Harry learns in the past. I have really enjoyed reading your story so far and am deeply saddened that you lost the joy of writing due to some flames. I truly hope you friend can do justice to the world that you have created, and hope that one day you would pick up the pen and write a new story all the way to the end.

Good luck in all your endeavors and do not let a few idiots discourage you from something you enjoy doing. In life there are always some idiots who have nothing better to do then bully or have nothing but negative things to say. Ignore then and keep doing what you love with your head high and you will always succeed in life.

Good luck

9/17 c16 Ray R G
hello Flora

I have been reading HP fanfiction here for many many years. It is my favorite past time and I must have read th
9/17 c16 LadyAirbender
I am so sorry for reading this, I thinking your writing is fantastic and amazing, I hope that you recover the feeling to publish your work
9/17 c16 lucky333123
I can’t find the story
9/15 c14 3Wrighting'GIRL3000
Is this a Hermione/Harry story?
8/21 c15 Wrighting'GIRL3000
Please update this!
7/30 c15 deanna4403
update soooooooooooooooooooon
2/15 c5 sgdg94
Loving this story
4/20/2019 c1 lalo80
Buen capitulo, porfa actualiza pronto
2/17/2019 c15 5Blue Luver5000
I have been off of Fam Fic for over a year I am glad to come back to this one. Love it!
1/2/2019 c15 3tymaxion
Good story so far, looking forward to the next chapter!
12/14/2018 c15 Monnbeam
Great chapter love the story and looking forward to reading more
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