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9/6/2015 c5 Guest
I hope u continue the story ciz I really want to know Kuroko past
6/24/2015 c5 kauaians12
I love the plot of your story! It makes me curious who the evil master, the supposed-to-be-strongest-female (sorry cannot spell her name confidently ;;;), and Kuroko's past. I love how much power you gave Kuroko since most plots make him the supporting/partner to make the others stronger. I really hope you update soon because I cannot get enough of your story! But I will understand if you cannot since it takes time out of your free time. I really appreciate you taking the time to write your ideas for others (like me) to enjoy!
1/4/2015 c5 Deugemia
Noooooo! Hnng, this is so wonderful!
1/2/2015 c5 2kurami1110
I'm quite confused... did Kuroko-kun just jumped on Kagami-kun? Why? Or is it another being?
12/31/2014 c5 Assasin8
Happy New Years! Literally I found my self reading this as the countdown started :D Kuroko fighting was really cool, I just wish we got a little more elaboration on the surprise attacker... Great job with the fight scene, and as usual it's fun to read you write Akashi! Thanks for posting!
12/31/2014 c5 fanlover18
What happen to him do he loose control? When is the next chapter coming out to?
12/31/2014 c5 6StarlightBlue101
Awesome! So Kuroko is the last one of his race? Cool! Thank you for a wonderful new year gift!
12/27/2014 c4 StarlightBlue101
It's December! Please update! I really like the story but along the way I thought that there should be more blood sucking and stuff since they are vampires after all. Also, what is the main pairing? AkaKuro? If so will they make a contract like Midorima and Takao? Oh by the way, I really love the brotherly Kuroko and Kagami. They're so cute! I wonder if the enemy group os after Kuroko? Please update soon :)
12/5/2014 c4 Belle'Masque
Love it! Absolutely love it!

Hope you can update soon! ;D
Belle 3
9/2/2014 c3 2Alice Eraser
Awesome! I'm not really into vampire fics but this one is really good! I hope to read more soon!
7/18/2014 c3 Assasin8
So a little bit of Kuroko's past? Interesting... But seriously, what female could possibly have a connection to Kuroko's past? And why were the GoM so ok with letting Kuroko suck their blood? Either way, it looks like we've figured out how the "vampire" thing factors into the story! Great job and update soon!
7/6/2014 c2 Assasin8
Interesting concept here... It's cool how Kuroko and Kagami are already friends before they meet the GoM, rather than the other way around! I'd like to ask though, why is them being vampires important to the story? They're a lot more like magicians than vampires (especially considering there's no humans to get blood from. Do they have a glass blood instead of orange juice in the morning or something? :P) but to be honest, I think I like it this way! I like how you have the powers organized and the fact that Kuroko in particular is marked as different since he isn't affiliated with a color. I'm curious about the "strongest vampire" here though, is she an OC, or a canon character that you don't want to reveal? You said you changed the name to make it less obvious, so I'm leaning more towards it being a canon character, which luckily narrows it down to being a) Momoi, b) Riko, or c) Alex... Its all got me really wondering, so I hope you update soon! Just remember to watch the grammar (I mean no offense, but aside from your sentences, commas and periods don't go like - ,this. They're supposed to be "connected" to the word that comes before them like this, -) your story's got lots of potential, so good luck with the writing!
7/3/2014 c1 Shannon Rei D. Sumner
this story is quite interesting ..
it gave me a good laugh on kise's entrance...
I like it :)
hope you update soon...
6/28/2014 c1 Another observer of the world
Super interesting story!
I hope that the strongest vampire is Kuro! he he
That entrance of Ki was super fun and the bet I can totally se him doing that
Good Luck !
6/25/2014 c1 5ririnto
Sooo Koru Yatesuko is a she ne... I think she need more 't' in her name if you mean it as anagram.
Just notice that you might need to re-read your chap before published it :)
Omoshiroi... Can't wait to see how things developed.
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