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4/3/2016 c1 1010
this site needs more fics like this. This is beautiful ;o;
2/26/2016 c1 2KoiAndJelly
Haha! Sal is trash. Good on you, Rawberry.
And I think I love you for writing this.
4/27/2015 c1 25Sapiarch of Tamrielic Studies
That was certainly funny. I really hate Sal, so I enjoyed the bit where Rawberry devoured him. I'm glad Dolphi is safe from Rawberry's craving for seafood. Better Sal than her in my opinion.
3/17/2015 c1 4Lunatic-Over'9000'Lord
I was gonna say "If she wants seafood, then how about Sal?! Nobody will miss him!", but I guess it's not necessary, anymore...

On a side note, Rawberry's profile did say that she was gonna go after seafood, in fact.
Too bad Ivlis' son didn't get involved in all of this...
10/1/2014 c1 5Princess15eevee
Hahahaha! That is awesome fic and great end w
Hooray for Rawberry that finally get sea food and for wadonahara, who dont let Rawberry eat her friends and give Sal to Rawberry XD

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