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6/18/2018 c4 Haruau8349
Man, if I was with Madara, I’d ask him a very good and important question, “Do you WANT to suffer eternally in hell when your enemies family will literally be waiting for your soul to go down there so they can enact demonic vengeance on your ass?! No? GOOD! Your still gonna die anyway from him!”

Also I’m picturing Pain pissing himself in fear when he sees Naruto, who’s now the new doomguy, using an advanced Shadow clone technique to make an army of Doomguys! That would make anyone regret everything instantly when the fight starts!

(Plus I think Kyuubi would INSTANTLY recognize either the statue of Doomguy or anything that resembles him when Naruto is in hell, plus the family name, so I can see him be freaking out and be frozen in terror, which would be hilarious! Seriously Doomguys legacy transcends to all demonic realms. (in my opinion))

Also, has there been fanart of Doomguy going against the Akatsuki? If so PM me and send the links, because I think that idea is the perfect Badass fight! :D (evil grin at the carnage that would happen to their poor asses.)

Ahem, sorry I get excited because I’m hyped for Doom eternal! (Yes I’ve played doom 2016) So I do wish someone made a story of this awesome concept. :)
2/15/2017 c4 Guest
Do the doom, do the doom, do the doom, do the doom!
2/14/2017 c1 14Shaneman17
Damn. You weren't kidding. I can't do all of that, know I'm definitely going to give my best shot.

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