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5/23/2020 c5 Guest
I don't understand this story.
11/20/2018 c6 Cremetome
Okay ... I have to stop reading this.I cannot stand all the characters in this. You should have stuck to like... 9 maximum. And it is a little weird to have all the league members watching the Batclan. I also would have liked more clarity on who these characters were. It was a cool concept though.
12/26/2016 c12 36Eagle Dreamer
The last surrender is NOT a good movie.
7/9/2016 c4 Guest
This... quite frankly, was extremely painful to read. You honestly could have done better. May I suggest you take some writing classes?
8/5/2015 c14 Guest
Hey...so um... Updates? I love the fic. Each chapter is lengthy, without being overwhelmingly, and well written with little to no grammar/spelling mistakes. Keep up the good work and update soon please.
7/9/2015 c1 philla
awesome story please update the suspense on 13 is killing me!
6/9/2015 c14 1aceO13
Awesome chapter, hope you update soon!
5/9/2015 c13 aceO13
Is your computer still broken? Because it's been almost 2 months and you haven't updated so... Yeah.
2/12/2015 c13 22Demon dark mezzo sangue
ENGI finished reading your 13 chapters , and I like very much, for me the your grammar is very good, definitely more than me. Echo what little sense about who may be the mysterious persons : - the nemesis of Suoer Men Captain Zoo. - That enemy genius of robotics that has built Red Tornado , if it is not he will certainly be Hugo what has created the robot that copy the powers of the members of the league. - But it could also be that brain into the body of robot , what has a gorilla as guard of the body. - Perhaps the members of the light are candidates possible.
1/27/2015 c12 Guest
will there be more
11/16/2014 c11 21 is awesome
Oh my gosh! This is so good. Only problem is the long wait! Get some ideas and update!
11/8/2014 c1 Milly0100
Please, I love your story but the long wait inbetween chapters is killing me!
10/25/2014 c1 Milly0100
Please I am begging you on my knees that could ou please update?!
9/24/2014 c11 Milly0100
Please I'm begging you to please update. The suspense is killing me. I can't sleep any more! Please please PLEASE update. And here is an idea the Titans could some how get attacked and end up saving the league and young justice.
Please respond!
9/10/2014 c11 1Queen Sound
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